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The best locations for an event in Bruxelles (part 2)

by Alessandro Cozzutto 
Digital Communication Specialist @ Slash_Prod
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So, what are the best event venues in Bruxelles? The truth is that it depends on two main factors: the kind of event and the budget.At Smart Videos, being event audiovisual coverage a major part of our business, we have developed a pretty strong expertise.
So, this is our peculiar top 10 in terms of conference venues and event locations (find part 1 of the article here).
Please, take this decalogue as a source of inspiration, rather than truth.
Bip events
House of the Capital Region – Rue Royale, 1000 Brussels
  1. Going back to more conventional venue spots, a warm advice would be the very central and fully equipped Bip, managed by the local municipality. You may expect a slightly less expensive proposal for a large room with all the necessary

 ingredients to a successful public event, conference, or similar.
Very close to the Magritte museum, it can offer your guests a quick access to the city centre, in case they are more interested in tourism than your event.

Rue Lavallée 37, 1080 Brussels
  1. If you like the thrill to host your event in the European cradle of terrorism, the notorious Molenbeek area, you may consider Lavallée, an event and co-working space, where – by the way – Smart Videos has its headquarters.
The venue is a 5000 squared metres area, which specializes in cultural and artistic events.
The decoration matches the street art feel, which rich people love very much, as it offers adrenaline to their boring comfortable life.
La Piola libri
Rue Franklin 66/68, 1000 Bruxelles
  1. If you are in the mood for a small, participative event, maybe with a cultural appeal, you shall take a look at La Piola libri.
  2. Located very close to the European Commission’s headquarters, in Schuman, the venue is a bar, which
easily turns into a fancy spot for book presentations, Italian aperitivi, and warm networking.
A wide collection of wines strengthens a cozy atmosphere, which your guests (no more than 20-30) will definitely enjoy.
MCE conference & business centre
Rue de l’Aqueduc 118, 1050 Ixelles
  1. Back again to more conventional and fully equipped event venues, you may consider dragging your guests to the lovely area of Châtelain.
  2. The MCE conference & business centre has all kind of rooms and services, which a big conference
may require.
The rooms are named after the major European capitals and the reception area is big and elegant.
Maybe not that easy to reach for a non-local audience, at least compared with the other venues.
European Parliament
Wiertzstraat 60, 1047 Brussel
  1. Finally, one of the biggest and most convenient spots to organize an event in Brussels is the European Parliament.
  2. It is convenient because you can have it for free, as long as a member of the EP hosts the event for you.

This is what we did, for instance, for the conclusive event of Once upon a time in Anderlecht.
Needless to say, the Parliament offers a wide range of rooms, of all size, with full equipment and a magic atmosphere.

  1. We hope you can find some good ideas to set up your event and to do it successfully.
  2. There are many other places, where we have filmed (or not), which would deserve a mention.
  3. This list includes: the Radisson hotelin Rue Belliard, which offers many different high-level solutions; Copernico Science 14 (Rue de la Science 14); Transforma BXL, which is a co-working space; la Tricoterie(Rue Théodore Verhaegen 158 B-1060 Bruxelles); Square Brussels center(Rue Ravenstein 2 B-1000 Bruxelles); or even the very intriguing Train World, Bozar museum, Tour & Taxisplus other fancy spots, which you can easily find on Google.
Just keep in mind that the best spots have a veeeeeery long waiting list, so you should consider to act, at least, a few months before your scheduled occasion.
Also, in terms of budget, if you are not used to Brussels’ standards, you might find the average price to organize an event in Brussels completely insane.
We agree.
However, this is how it is.
A low-cost solution may be to ask a local association or theatre: they may offer less conventional but more affordable event venues.
Or just ask Smart Videos: we have this bad habit to find solutions for event organizers.

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