The Partisan

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The Partisan is a 100% mobile video production by Slash Prod, Slash Side, and Smart Videos.
Each chapter of the trilogy was made during the summer period between 2016 and 2018.

What is the difference between mockumentary and documentary?

And, more importantly, does it still matter?
A documentary film is an audiovisual production, which “supposedly” presents the reality as it is.
“Supposedly” here refers to the ambition of eliminating any filter and/or bias, with which the author(s) may influence this transmission of information.

A mockumentary film, which American director Michael Moore made popular at the end of the ’90 with his academy award winner “Bowling for Columbine,” presents the author’s perspective, point of view, and even opinion, as a legitimate part of this “reality.”
Is a mockumentary more “honest” than a documentary?Not necessarily.
An author may try to stick to an ethics of impartial storytelling and present enough sources and voices in order to limit inevitable distortions.

On the other side, the author of a mockumentary, may disregard any intellectual honesty by claiming that the video production was not intended to present reality any way.
At Smart Videos, we believe that smartphone technologies turn the same reality into a mockumentary, as not only the point of view of the camera, but the whole production, becomes so individual and personal that no “common” or even shared reality principle applies any more.

The Partisan,” which you can watch for free above, is a perfect example of the blurring between documentary and mockumentary.
When I found myself on the top of a mountain, it was because I could not find myself any more.
It was summer 2016 and I was in the midst of a major personal and professional deadlock.I took my smartphone and left.

After reaching the beautiful Alpes between Austria and Italy, I started filming.

How could I document the reality, if I was incapable of discerning my reality any more?

We want to change Europe,
one smart video at a time.

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