The Partisan

Who is friend?
Who is enemy?

Who is the Partisan? 

The Partisan is a 100% mobile video production by Slash Prod, Slash Side, and Smart Videos.

A trilogy about men, smartphones, and mountains

Three years of work, a 100% mobile production.
The Partisan is an event-based mockumentary in 3 chapters, each consisting of 6 episodes, each of one was produced in the summer time between 2016 and 2018.

Every episode is 5-minute long, for a total of 90 minutes of “real-time” smartphone video-editing.

The three chapters represent hell, purgatory, and paradise.

Like in Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy (although this smartphone production claims no divinity at all), it tells the intimate journey of a man from the brink of self-annihilation to the catharsis of self-awareness.
This personal journey is actually a wider metaphor of the world political situation in the aftermath of the digital revolution.

Technology creates amazing creative opportunities, such as making a whole motion picture using only a smartphone, but also huge destructive tensions, such as the radical division between friends and enemies.

Inspired by the German philosopher Carl Schmitt’s Theory of the partisan, this unconventional documentary points out that individual moans are meaningless, compared to the power of nature or technology, and that love – in the end – is the only thing we need.
Ciak, the most popular film magazine in Italy, acclaimed the “touching and extraordinary 30 minutes” of The Partisan – chapter 1.

Chapter 01 – 2016

August 2016 – The Public Coz [TPC] goes looking for memories of his family on the Alpes between Italy and Austria, but his heart is broken.

He takes his smartphone and a copy of Carl Schmitt’s “Theory of the Partisan” with him. He challenges himself to climb a mountain daily and, at the same time, to film the beauty around and to finish editing a 5-min video by night.
The Partisan 01 – trailer
Duration: 1:29 minutes
Ep. 03 – of courage
Duration: 5:00 minutes

Chapter 02 – 2017

In chapter 2, The Public Coz is ready to put an end to the war, which he had experienced the previous year.

After losing a friend, he starts wondering whether a foe would suit his revolutionary ambitions better. Being a great fan of Werner Herzog, he decides to reach the same mountains and to start looking for his Klaus Kinsky, Herzog’s best enemy.
The Partisan 02 – trailer01
Duration: 1:39 minute
The Partisan 02 – trailer02
Duration: 1:03 minute

Chapter 02 – 2018

In chapter 3, a guide finally appears to enlighten the partisan’s dark path.

It’s the Senior Coz, in the role of Saint Peter, who takes the place of Beatrice and leads the partisan to salvation.
The Public Coz can finally turn into The Rocket Coz.
Ep. 02
Duration: 5:00 minutes
Ep. 05
Duration: 5:00 minutes
3 years of work for a 90-minute motion picture.
100% filmed with a Samsung S6 and S7 (with the aerial support of a Mavic Air, the top drone from DJI).
100% edited with the app Vivavideo for Android.

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one smart video at a time.

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