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Make better videos with your smartphone. Now!

by Alessandro Cozzutto 
Digital Communication Specialist @ Slash_Prod
Estimated reading time: 3 minutes + videos
If you are reading this article, you probably agree that VIDEOS DO IT BETTER.

They do it better online (social media, customer service, e-learning), they do it better offline (public events, VR experience, FPV drones), no matter the size of the device. 

If you are doing your best to attract people’s attention, to have an impact,
you know that (good) video will do it better.

You do own a smartphone, right? Well, I’d like to encourage you to use it less and better.

You have the chance to learn how to make (better) videos with the kind help of our Manual of the Little Smartphone Videomaker. Yes, you can. Make better videos.
Manual of the Little Smartphone Videomaker
Duration: 1:00 minute
Download it for free
Users can download the Manual of the Little Smartphone Videomaker for free on our website (www.SmartVideos.eu). 

Our focus is knowledge and awareness. Smartphone is a tool, just like a knife: depending on how you handle it, you can feed other people or even kill them, you can play or you can die. 

At Smart Videos, we believe that media and digital literacy is going to pave the way to the school of the future. 

Children and adults, who were not educated to protect themselves – but also to benefit! – from a continuous exposure to visuals of all kind and 
content, are humans that end up voting for Trump (which is very bad, right?!?).

First-hand experience is a very good way to avoid the fear of technologies.
Two years ago, we started using smartphones to produce professional videos in less than 24h. And by saying “produce,” I literally mean any single part of the process: from filming to editing, from titles to soundtrack, from voice-over to social media publishing. 

Here’s a 2-min commercial example, entirely filmed with a Samsung S6 and edited with one of the many apps for video-editing, which are available for both iOs and Android: enjoy it!
Spensley – advertising
Duration: 1:59 minutes
How to make a cool video with a smartphone
Now we produce video contents and propose workshops in Brussels, but we also give people the chance to download for free our Manual of the Little Smartphone Videomaker, a quickstart guide to introduce the most essential notions of mobile videomaking.

We hope that this guide can help you make a first step toward this new groundbreaking technique.

We hope to convince you to join what we call the SMART revolution: 
a more direct, spontaneous, citizen-friendly, effective form of institutional communication.

In case you have a few minutes more, I would like to share a few more samples that show how any kind of video can be a smart video.

All EU-related institutions and companies are our target.

So take a look at what a typical EU conference looks like through the perspective of a mobile device:
The Videogame – Digital Democracy Day 2017
Duration: 3:00 minutes
The SMART revolution
In particular, associations and NGOs with small budgets for communications can largely benefit from joining the SMART revolution.
Take a look at the social initiative that Smart Videos promoted in the suburbs of the capital of Europe and you will see how easily and spontaneously this new professional adventure can start! 
Please feel free to connect with me and find more information about the SMART revolution on our website/social network accounts: 

Once upon a time in Anderlecht – trailer
Duration: 1:59 minutes

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