7.30 live show

Join an original talk show, streaming live from the capital of Europe.

An amazing cast delivers news and entertainment from the first covid-19 quarantine.
A Smart Videos’ original streaming show

Lockdown streaming live

A new talk show for the Italian-speaking audience.
While the world suffers a severe lockdown due to the coronavirus emergency, Smart Videos adds another brick to its extensive catalogue of maverick live shows.

Thanks to the implementation of a new multi-camera streaming platform, we are now able to deliver several media products (such as videos, photos, animations) on multiple live channels.

Similarly, more guests can intervene simultaneously.

As a result, the boundaries between traditional and new television have never been thinner.
Join us every Sunday evening at 7.30pm for an extravagant and colourful show.

Every week, 7.30pm LIVE injects a high dose of humour into the journalistic coverage of the worst modern pandemic.

For instance, the audience can intervene, through comments, quiz games (read more about gamification) and direct calls.

In conclusion, this continuous interaction with the audience on Facebook gives the show unparalleled added value.
7.30 LIVE – Ep. 03 (recap)
Duration: 0;58 sec


A new streaming talk show

With the proliferation of live streams, due to the covid-emergency, we felt a need, as professionals. We had to go beyond our mono-camera approach to live shows.

Above all, the lock down in the capital of Europe gave us no choice but helping our audience enjoy their quarantine.


A user-generated television

Product development has always been our credo: this is why we believe that every new creation must be a prototype for our future sales.

For instance, we have been building sections within the show. We wanted any topic and any expert to be part of it and contribute to inspire our audience.

“Il cazzotto” is a perfect example: how to tackle EU affairs and keep the audience awake?
7.30 LIVE – Il cazzotto (The punch)
Duration: 1:00 min
7.30 live – opening
An original show by Smart Videos


Streaming live from the capital of Europe

After gathering a group of friends and followers, we started working on a concept that could embrace as many styles and topics as possible.

The aim was to inform, as well as entertain, our audience by making fun of traditional talk shows and TV clichés.

At the end, the outcome was an original production, whose seriousness, following and impact grew from week to week.


Towards the future of television

With great power comes great responsibility.
After a pandemic, we know that great business opportunities come with an economic crisis.
We are confident that people’s participation is key to a revolution in mobile live streaming.

Stay tuned, our SMART revolution has just begun.
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