Commercial mobile work

Smart Videos funds its revolution via video services, such as event coverage, corporate videos, live streaming, strategy, training, and consulting.
We believe that the self sustainable nature of our business strengthens your trust in us.

Mobile experiments

The best way to nourish a self funded economic activity is to fuel it with a continuous quest for improvement, innovation, creativity, and risk-taking.
These experiments of mobile video-editing were entirely produced using a smartphone.

Slash Prod – beyond mobile

Mobile video creation is a new hype, but it is not the only way to exploit one’s creative potential. Before digging in the smart revolution, Slash Prod engaged into an intense activity of viral videos and strategies.

Once upon a time in Anderlecht

Speaking of experiments, the smart revolution was the result of a side project by Slash Prod, called “Once upon a time in Anderlecht.”
We want to teach people how to make videos with a smartphone, because – in today’s society – media literacy is pivotal to shape well-informed citizens.

From our videos to your videos

Are you the kind of person, who loves to learn new digital skills or your focus is elsewhere and you need somebody else to take care of the job and get things done?
Either way, whether you are based in Brussels or in any other capital of Europe, you can always count on us.