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1. Digital campaigning

The client was the global marketing agency ICF NEXT, on behalf of the European Commission – DG Communication.
The project was part of #EUandME, a cross-border awareness campaign to let citizens know how much the EU cares about them.
What we did was a creative strategy for the Youth Event (European Parliament in Strasbourg), a live painting with the Belgian street artist Denis Meyers, and the photo-video coverage of his performance.

2. Event activation

EU Startup Prize for mobility
The client was the French MEP Karima Deli, who chaired the prize and the Transport Committee at the European Parliament.
The project was, initially, the photo and video coverage of the 1st and 2nd edition of one of the greatest events for startups in Europe.
What we did was to add to the initial request a real-time photo coverage for social media use and a 1-min trailer of the after movie, together with a call to action, to increase its performance on the Web.

3. B2I advertising

Back to the e-future
The client DG Connect, as the result of winning a public tender by the European Commission.
The project consisted of video productions, infographics, and dissemination strategies, as part of the overall framework contract.
What we did was a creative outcome inspired by the “Back to the Future” day, which the motion picture’s fans were celebrating all across the world on the 21st of October 2015.

4. Inbound marketing

Audience Advantage
The client was the Antwerp-based software company Audience Advantage.
The project was the implementation of a content marketing strategy, including video content, web-design, SEO, and social media.
What we did was to create a wide range of audiovisual products, from trailers to event highlights, from interviews to invitations, to be hosted on both the website and the social media accounts.

5. Digital publishing

More Europe (Goethe Institut – Brussel)
The client was a consortium of European cultural institutions led by L’Alliance Française and the Goethe Institut – Brussel.
The project was the publishing of a report about culture in EU external relations.
What we did was the conversion of the report into an e-book, both the design and the technical implementation, plus a video-trailer in the form of a beautiful motion graphics.

6. Creative strategy

The client was a European consortium (the German communication agency Gopacom and the Italian Fondazione Brodolini).
The project was the production of two creative proposals for two nation-wide institutional campaigns of communication in Italy.
What we did was two end-to-end proposals, including a creative brief, a storyboard, the mockup of the graphical implementation of the ideas, under a tight deadline and great appreciation by the client.

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More Europe
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Corporate Europe Observatory
…thinks with the clients and delivers in time and according to expectations. Highly recommendable!

Katrien VDB
ALDE group
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