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Here’s a full overview of our case studies
1. Digital campaigning
You want to raise awareness across Europe and you are too afraid to ask Snapchat.
You wonder which tools, channels, and communities may promote your no-profit advocacy or fundraising targets.
You need a creative SEO in order to combine data mining (online petitions, surveys) with social media metrics and analytics (Google Adwords & Facebook Advertising).

2. Content marketing
You want to use sneaky techniques, such as storytelling, to reach and inspire your team, audience, or niche market.
You wonder what content plan better resonates with your inbound marketing strategy.
You need a passionate team, with a scientific background and a proven expertise in delivering engaging branded content, which users will not fail to notice.

3. Interview
You want to help the community of experts on your field to deliver a concise and engaging message.
You wonder how to sum up expertise and knowledge of your network in the B2B and in the B2I sectors.
You need more than a Lavalier microphone and a good series of questions: you need a creative approach to optimise your little time and your scarce resources.

4. Product presentation
You want to boost your sales by making people realise what an amazing product you are about to launch.
You wonder if Microsoft Powerpoint, Google Ads, or a free online template are going to do the trick.
You need more than a presentation software: you need a whole audiovisual pitch strategy, a lean approach that will make your outbound more agile. With a bit of humour. 

5. Technical reports
You want to make a complex topic or policy accessible to ordinary citizens, or at least to your surrounding.
You wonder which specifications your assignment should cover and how common language can translate your jargon.
You need to get rid of all those technicalities and start using creativity: whether we talk of e-health, smart cities, or cyber-security, we love to turn complexity into understanding. 

6. Crowd-funding
You want people to support your initiative, by showing why it matters to them, as much as it matters to you.
You wonder if Kick Starter, Kiss Kiss Bank Bank or other platforms for Startup can work for you.
You need to forget about what you think you know: these instruments change as fast as people adopt them. This is why a long digital expertise will always make the difference.

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