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In Belgium, and even more so in Brussels, clients usually ask for a corporate video production to present their brand or a new product.

Problem is: these audiovisuals all tend to look the same.This is what makes our video content and pricing very appealing.
By Smart Videos

What is a corporate video…

…and how can one make it worth watching?
A corporate video production is a typical business-to-business (B2B) communication product. 

In Brussels, due to the presence of the European institutions, we often talk about Business to Institution (B2I). 

Unlike Business to Consumer (B2C), these products have a smaller and more specific target group. 
They are aimed at improving the online presence and public relations of clients. 

The importance of the contact person

In a large company, the person who pays for the work is almost never the person who follows the work (contact person). 
Often, therefore, for fear of attracting criticism or complaints, the contact person will do everything possible to water down the message of the video. 

All too often, then, the end result is nothing but a waste of money

This is why those who commission a corporate video 
production must, first and foremost, clarify to themselves the business objectives that they intend to achieve.And entrust supervision to an employee who is well aligned with them.

The contact person and the video producer will then work hand in hand to create an impact product.
A product that seeks visibility instead of avoiding it.

Another important aspect is promotion.

Save money for the promotion

A company, in Belgium or Europe, that wants to get its message across today must show courage and creativity. But it must also use the budget at its disposal with cunning.

Only half of the budget can be allocated to pure corporate video production.

The other half will be used to develop a bold and consistent strategy of dissemination (organic or paid) of the finished product.
Culture in EU external relations
Duration: 1:49 sec

Marketing objective product launch

Type promotional video
Format animation
Technique storytelling

Whether for marketing or advertising reasons, video is the main tool of commercial promotion, well before the digital revolution.
But while in the pre-internet era, promotional video was a one-way message, today the public relations of a brand or institution must be fed by a continuous exchange with the user.

This is why our promotional videos are always part of a more general communication strategy.

In it, users are called upon to play their part, be an integral part of marketing, provide feedback and make their voices heard.

Our promotional videos are ironic, aesthetically pure and rock & roll in the soul.
Our goal is to produce a brand video that has the same energy as a music clip.

We like to make stuff that is worth watching. 

Marketing objective brand awareness

Type event video
Format after movie
Technique TV report

Event media coverage has been Smart Videos’ first line of business.

This is why we believe that we are pretty good at it

The reason is that filming a conference, a talk, a fair (but also a wedding) can give a video-maker a lot of adrenaline.

If you are not in the right place, at the right time, the moment has escaped and will never return.

Thanks to our experience, we are perhaps the first in the world to provide a booking service for our event videos.

Three plans and the possibility to add all the options you want. 
In five clicks.

Is it or is it not a SMART revolution?
European Startup prize for Mobility
Duration: 0:59 sec
European Commission – eHealth in EU
Duration: 1:06 min

Marketing objective call to action, digital campaign

Type teaser
Format animation
Technique TV Ad

It is amazing how the vast majority of graphic animations produced in the Eurobubble seem to be made to put the audience to sleep.

As to why millions of euros continue to be thrown away every year by institutions, we have our theory.

What we would like to stress here is how a graphic animation can never be a product in itself, but must be part of a corporate communication strategy that is as intelligible and coherent as possible.

Marketing objective activation, community-branding

Type video series
Format interview
Technique video portrait

Social media are the bliss and the curse of corporate video producers.

On one side, they have increased the demand for quality video content. 
But they have also increased the noise.

Video content was supposed to support the promotion. 
Now, it is video content that needs promotion. 

This is why marketing strategy is playing an increasingly central role. 

And the mastering of a good number of activation techniques is what shall drive your choice, when you are looking for a corporate video production company..
SmartBE – On fait quoi?
Duration: 0:30 sec

We want to change Europe,
one smart video at a time.

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