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Warhol’s 15 minutes of celebrity during a one-week non-stop streaming. Live from the city that never sleeps.
An independent project by Smart Videos

A live journey across America’s pop culture

What did you exactly mean, Andy?
The role of new technologies in fulfilling Warhol’s prophecy.

The role of pop culture in shaping the SMART revolution.

15 minutes of daily broadcasting were the point of departure to discuss publicly the lasting implications of pop-arts in modern communications.
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You can still participate in the discussion with the very fancy hashtag #EgoPopAmerica.
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2019, United States

For 15 minutes (of celebrity) every day, during 7 consecutive days, Smart Videos has been streaming on Facebook from iconic venues, such as the Trump tower, the Greenwich Village, or the new Museum of Modern Arts in New York.


2010, United States

Ten 10 years ago, an overstimulating experience in the US paved the way to the rise of the SMART revolution.

It was 2010, Christmas time, the pop-culture section of the Museum of Modern Arts in Manhattan.

Suddenly, the vision of Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe revealed the role of media literacy in tackling the major societal challenges of a consumerist society and its fetishes.

That was the beginning of the smart revolution.

Now it’s time for the revolution to go back home.
Ego Pop America – trailer (2019 edition)
Duration: 1:13 min
Live from the Museum of Modern Arts
Duration: 15:00 min


2019, New York City

Andy Warhol believed that any object of mass consumption can turn into an object of art. But if everything is art, nothing is.

So, what are the political consequences of it and, above all, what does this have to do with the SMART revolution?

When everyone can make videos, video making stops being an art confined to museums and can finally appear for what it is: a mechanism for legitimising the status quo.

As a passive consumer, the small smartphone video-maker can finally become aware of its role as a cog in the global media system. And begin to prepare for resistance.


2019, 5th avenue

What’s the meaning of 15 minutes of celebrity and how did the concept shape today’s politics?
Live from the Trump tower, we are going to make live streaming great again.
Together, we are going to discuss about power and celebrity.
How d0 the two concepts feed each other and what we, the common people, can do to oppose their influence?

Exactly one year before the live show of the 2020 US elections, our work of analysing American and global politics begins.
Live from the Trump tower
Duration: 15:00 min

We want to change Europe,
one smart video at a time.

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