The Videogame

FIlm, play, and co-create with your smartphone: the new digital frontier of crowd-videomaking.
A project by Smart Videos

Gamification drives engagement

It’s time to start playing with your audience.
Gamification is not just a buzzword that marketing professionals use to look more innovative and disruptive.

Well, it’s ALSO a buzzword, but it reveals a smarter insight about contemporary markets: customers demand and reward authenticity.
The best way to communicate authenticity is to put yourself and your circle in a playful context, as it will make you feel legitimate to play and, as a consequence, to be yourself.

There is no much to invent.
Everyone is familiar with the techniques of gamification: competition and collaboration is the most basic one.
If you launch a challenge, you are playing a game.
If you create teams, you are playing a game.
If you assign points, again, you are playing a game.

Shall we get started?

At Smart Videos, we foster active participation during public events, conferences, team-building activities.

We are based in Brussels and active in all Europe.
We make the audience be part of a crowdsourced collective experience.

Do you accept the challenge?
2017 – Digital Democracy Day by ECAS

How it works

The participants receive a playing card (picture above), which includes the information to get started.
They connect to our web-app and agree to your privacy policy.

Players get a first challenge, which consists of filming a short mobile video: once they send it, they receive a second challenge.
You can pick a reward for all those, who complete all challenges.

At the end of the event, we will gather all images and edit them in a short after movie.
The VIDEO-GAME @ Lavallée
Duration: 1:25 min

Sharing is caring

Never underestimate the power of a collective eye.
By participating in a common experience, in a common venue, people can offer a unique perspective on your event.

You can test them, you can ask them questions, you can give them a voice.
We take care of get the best out of the players.
Together with the challenges, we also send them instructions on how to improve their filming technique.

They learn, they have fun, they participate.
Shall we play together?

The VIDEO-GAME @ Digital Democracy Day
Duration: 2:14 minutes
We can also perform a Facebook live streaming, while playing the video game.

We want to change Europe,
one smart video at a time.

Join the SMART revolution