Once upon a time in Anderlecht

Teaching kids from the suburbs of Brussels how to use a smartphone to tell their story.
A project by Slash Prod // with the financial support of The Roi Baudoin Fondation (Fonds Alain De Pauw) // with the political support of Angelika Mlinar, member of the European Parliament
Media literacy in the capital of Europe
The initiative aimed to allow low-income groups of youngsters to:

  • learn a highly valuable digital skill,
  • be independent in the digital transmission of their point of view,
  • fight the social stigma, which often discriminates people from the suburbs of Brussels, whether it is Anderlecht, Molenbeek, or Saint-Josse. 
The project was among the finalists of the 2017 Visit Brussels Awards (best public initiative) and earned a public presentation at the European Parliament in June 2017.

This initiative of social entrepreneurship later evolved in the launch of Smart Videos.
2017 Visit Brussels Awards – best public initiative (finalist)


The 1st of the project’s 2 axes was a series of workshop, which were given to 4 groups of kids from the suburbs of Brussels.

The goal was to teach them how to film and edit high quality videos using their smartphones only.
Once upon a time in Anderlecht – full documentary
Duration: 9:59 minutes


The 2nd axe was a series of smartphone-video interviews with 10 people, who used to live and/or work in Anderlecht.

The goal was to document the history of the neighbourhood through its inhabitants’ point of view.
#01 – Teresa
Duration: 2:14 minutes
#02 – Obêtre
Duration: 5:50 minutes
#08 – the Pajotten kids
Duration: 3:18 minutes
#10 – Jean le pirate
Duration: 4:20 minutes
June 2017 – Public presentation of the initiative at the European Parliament, hosted by Angelika Mlinar and Hilde Vautmans, members of the EP.

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