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What if the price of quality video production, strategy, and promotion became as transparent as a subscription to Netflix?

to get started with video marketing

Whether you are in Brussels, Belgium or anywhere in Europe, video marketing pricing should be transparent and help you convince your boss to start with videos.

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  • REBELS receive one smart video per month.
  • COMRADES get a premium mobile video strategy.
  • PROPHETS are entitled to top professional features, such as data analysis, a social media teaser, or the use of a drone.

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All prices are VAT excluded

Training & coaching
We produce and share educational material about video marketing, in particular, and digital mkt, in general. We also organise training sessions and seminars. More info at the bottom of this page.

Free gadget
Merchandising is a perfect exercise of creativity. Besides, we make free gadgets for our clients and followers because this is our way to say thanks. More info at the bottom of this page.

1 SMART VIDEO /month
What kind of video production? Find here a full list of video formats.

More examples?


Text animation



Data analysis

Drone (indoor)

Social media launch

Free cancellation

Extra options

You can always get more than the standard plan! As mere examples:

  • Voice over
  • 2nd camera
  • Original soundtrack
  • Acting
  • White label

For tailored offers and any specific need, just book a free coaching session or get in touch.

This visual illustrates our video marketing entry plan


from 190€/month

Training & coaching: ✔️

Free gadget
pick up (Brussels)

1 SMART VIDEO /month
< 45 sec

Shooting: Remote/stock

Text animation:



Data analysis:


Social media support:

Free cancellation: Anytime


for the first month, then 390€/month.
All prices are VAT excluded.

plan details
Decorative visual of a mobile


from 490€/month

Training & coaching: ✔️

Free gadget
shipping (Belgium)

1 SMART VIDEO /month
< 90 sec

Shooting: 2h in Brussels

Text animation: Basic

Subtitles: EN

Strategy: ✔️

Data analysis:


SM support: Support

Free cancellation: Anytime


for the first month, then 980€/month.
All prices are VAT excluded.

plan details
Visual decoration of our video marketing professional plan


from 980€/month

Training & coaching: ✔️

Free gadget
shipping (EU area)

1 SMART VIDEO /month
< 120 sec

Shooting: 4h in Belgium

Text animation: Advanced

Subtitles: EN-FR-NL

Strategy: ✔️

Data analysis: ✔️

Drone: ✔️

SM support: 20 sec teaser

Free cancellation: Anytime


for the first month, then 1.960€/month.
All prices are VAT excluded.

plan details

Take your time, hurry up! The choice is yours, don’t be late… (Kurt Cobain)

On a regular basis, we review and reshuffle our plans, so make sure you don’t miss the chance to join Europe’s smart video marketing community. Wait, I have a couple of questions!



Not sure about what mobile video marketing is and why you would need a smart video each month?
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Frequent questions about our video marketing plans & pricing

We have collected the most frequent questions about our monthly formulas and video marketing pricing in this section.
Feel free to get in touch with us for any additional doubt or request of information.

Do I necessarily have to enrol to a monthly plan?

Our monthly plans are meant to make you save time and money. However, you can ask for a fully customised offer and we’ll get back to you by 48h.

Can I have a drone for my shooting?

Yes, you can. We use drones to film indoor. It is included in the prophet plan or you can always add it as an option.

Can I add additional options to my video?

Always 🙂
Again, our peculiar video marketing pricing is here to simplify. That said, you can always choose additional options in our video configuration tool. We will process your request and ask for a formal approval before proceeding.

Can I book my coaching at any time?

Check the available slots through our book a coaching session page.
And if you see nothing that suits your agenda, just drop us a message: we will figure out a solution!

What's a round of review?

It’s a technical review that eliminates typos and any incorrect information in the video. To save time, be sure you share the correct information with us.

Can I really cancel at any time?

Sure you can!
Your subscription will renew the 1st of each month.
Unless you cancel by the end of the day before.


Whatever your needs, just get in touch with us.


Why join our video marketing community?

If you like both video making and video marketing, whether you live in Belgium or elsewhere in Europe, there are many reasons to join our community.

Here you find the most obvious ones, but feel free to drop us a message at any time.