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This trip started in Italy on the 27th of December 2017.
From the airport of Milano Malpensa, I took a flight to Madrid and, then, to Montevideo.

Uruguay has been a tremendous discovery.
First of all, I flew from winter to summer overnight, which was worth the price of the ticket alone.
More importantly, Uruguay and its inhabitants are among the chillest and most friendly people on the planet.
Everything is beautiful, warm, and very down to Earth, like Cabo Polonio, a truely human size paradise with sea lions and all sort of natural richness.

I cannot say the same about Brazil, which is a very charming country as well, but not the most peaceful and relaxing: Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro are overwhelming for a European.
Not necessarily in a negative way.
But definitely not a place for any sort of tourist/traveler.
Probably the most unique flight I have ever taken in my life was the one from Sao Paulo to Addis Ababa.

Moving from South America to Africa was a astonishing as going from winter to summer.
Ethiopia is possibly one of the most diverse places on Earth: it combines some amazing natural landscapes (such as the Danakil depression, the Erta Ale volcano, or Dallol’s magic mountains) with a marvelous historical heritage, in Axum, Lalibela, and elsewhere.

Afterwards, I managed to add an extra stop in Istanbul, the special city that connects Western and Eastern cultures.
Not long enough to see enough.
Long enough to understand why so many hipsters love it.

It was then time to go back to boring Europe, but what a trip, what an experience: so far so good.

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