School of the Future

Imagine a school where kids learn about technology and inclusion with the help of short videos.

Imagine the future of school.
Imagine the School of the Future.
A project by Slash Prod & Smart Videos

Tech-education in the capital of Europe

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The “School of the Future” is project proposal, which Smart Videos drafted after the successful impact of “Once upon a time in Anderlecht.”

The goal was to extend the educational value of smartphone video-making to the broader pedagogical eco-system of tech-education.

If digital skills change the world, in which we live, they also change the way, in which we discover this new world.
Ten general principles apply here:
01 – the first rule is: don’t dream it, be it02 – the second rule is: don’t dream it, do it!
03 – do it with somebody else
04 – find what separates us
05 – fund a more perfect union
06 – write it down
07 – shoot films, not people
08 – edit it, add some titles, don’t exaggerate with music
09 – sharing is caring
10 – dreamers are the new winners

and remember…
October 2017 – European cyber security month

Internet security day

The first module of this tech-educational adventure focused on cyber security & internet safety and ran from 10-2017 to 02-2018.

 Take a look at the event, which we held in Anderlecht (Belgium) on 26/10!
Cyber Security in Anderlecht
Duration: 1:52 minutes

Challenge, challenge!

Join the #WorldChildrensDay video-challenge launched by Hilde Vautmans, member of the School of the Future’s Trustee Board.

Ah, yes, she is also member of the European Parliament and she believes that from the future of school depends the future of Europe.
World Children’s day challenge 2017
Duration: 1:00 minute

We want to change Europe,
one smart video at a time.

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