2020 US election night

A live marathon show from Brussels to announce the 46th US president.
A Smart Videos original show.
The new president is coming

Yes, we can make election coverage great again

Trump versus Biden. 
Will the first covid election in US history be the most glorious or the most infamous? 

Faced with an increasingly self-unconfident society, two old dinosaurs compete for control of a shaky US empire. 

From Black Lives Matter to the Supreme Court, from trade deals to the tech rush, from social media influence to the health emergency, American politics has never been so divided and divisive.
Join us for a marathon show from Lavallée in Molenbeek (Brussels). Also streaming live on Facebook and Instagram.

Starting at 10pm, Smart Videos will host interviews, live reports, analyses, surveys, and – of course – real time results of the race.
Not to mention a high dose of humor.

Will our audience be the swing state, which determines the choice of the 46th US President?

Reserve your seat or join the streaming to find it out. 
2020 US election night

Until two weeks before, the show was supposed to take place from Smart Videos’ headquarters at Lavallee in Molenbeek, Brussels.
In spite of the covid-restrictions, we still plan to change the history of election coverage.

Combining the best of the American news and talk show culture (David Letterman, Stephen Colbert, etc.) with an original European perspective, we are doomed to disrupt the continental media landscape forever.
It all started with our Brexit Party in January 2020, which has shaken the world and, in particular, Norway.


…a giant leap for the digital coverage of international politics.

With a PhD in Political Science and a one-year experience as a visiting researcher at the SUNY, Alessandro Cozzutto will be the host of the show.
The special guests will include experts of geopolitics, civil rights, and digital marketing.

Live reports from around the world, survey & quizzes about the history of US politics, but also moments of pure entertainment, will mark the show and set the stage for the electoral outcome.

Our goal is to let you know everything you wanted to know, but were too afraid to ask about the future of the Atlantic relations.
An analysis of the presidential race
The punch – by Angelo Tino

The SMART REVOLUTION crew can reckon on a large number of media and policy experts, such as The Ingenieer or Angelo Tino, who produces punchy media analyses on a regular basis.

The team’s background cover a wide range of professional skills and interests, ranging from media relations to video-making, from psychology to anthropology.

The common feature is a vivid intellectual curiosity, a talent for digital media and a passion for political marketing.


People was supposed to participate in our show both as online and live public.
For the latter, registration was mandatory.

In spite of many efforts, the Belgian government has imposed a curfew, which will make our public event impossible..

The initial plan also included free drinks.
Now the audience will have the chance to drink and eat whatever pleases them, while they are comfortably sitting on their couch.
It would have been an unforgettable live experience, but we will comply with Belgian authorities’ decision.

Our clean criminal record, too.

LAVALLEE co-working & exposition
Rue A. Lavallée 1080 – Brussels
Republicans in favor of the US-Mexico wall
US adults in favor of how Trump is handling the economy
US adults against how Trump is handling the covid-crisis
Source: statista.com

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