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The power of storytelling

No need for Netflix to produce your own web-series
In the never ending debate about positive and negative effects, mobile video-making has a special place in the development of mobile technologies.

This is us.
This is how we connect, and sometimes crash in, to each other.
It’s the illusion to be able to exploit these technologies to let other people know about us.
To let them know that we exist, that we still exist, that we have ever existed.

So, why not using this chance to tell a story that is really worth telling?

Any regular content, posted on social media, with simple and widely accessible tools, is a web-series.
Our mission is to be meaningful, technically meticulous, empathetic.
On fait quoi? – Ep. 02
Duration: 1 minute

“On fait quoi?” (“what are we up to?”) is a Brussels based series by Smart Videos in partnership with LaVallée – creative hub and co-working space.

It tells the personal stories of a group of co-workers at the time of the health crisis, spring 2020.
Out of any rhetoric and cultural stereotype, the question impersonates the will to survive a new upcoming economic crisis with the power of passion and work.

Episode #2 featurs Yvan – a.k.a. ARTMOUNTMAKING – multidisciplinary artist at LaVallée.


In November 2018, Victoria Deluxe, a no-profit organisation based in Gent (Belgium), gathered hundreds of activists from all over the world to build a new future for Europe.

During the three days of the summit, our smartphones followed both participants and organisers around and came up with a 1-min video-summary by the following morning.

An hybrid format, between web-series and vlogging, the final result is a perfect summary of what it takes to organise hope.

TAOH – 3-day capsules
Duration: 4:10 minutes
The Partisan – chapter 03 – trailer
Duration: 1:27 minutes

“The Partisan” is probably the first motion picture ever produced using a smartphone only.
The three chapters of this trilogy, 30 min each, were shot with a Samsung S6/7 in the summertime between 2016 and 2018.

Conceived as hell, purgatory, and heaven, in the more famous Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, this extraordinary human and technological adventure, on the Alpes between Italy and Austria, was the starting point of Smart Videos as an independent business initiative.


The Youtube generation has turned an old technique of communication into something completely new.
Welcome to an age, in which those, who have nothing to say, can say it any way!

Vlogging can be more than self-referential shaky images, made with an expensive camera and poor editing skills.
It is really about proximity, about sharing a specific moment in time.
For us, it is about filming and editing a 1-min video in less than 24h.
Which is what we did during a 28 day journey across the world (Uruguay, Brazil, Ethiopia, Turkey): every day a new 1-min video, 100% filmed, edited, and shared online using a smartphone.

In a digital world, in which pretty much everything tends to be ephemeral, vlogging allows great video-making experiments within a limited amount of time.

We want to change Europe,
one smart video at a time.

Join the SMART revolution