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Work with me so that we can build the future of video marketing together.
Smart Videos is the first mobile video marketing agency in Brussels.

Future digital experts wanted

Future video marketing specialists wanted

OK, it is trivial to state that the future is digital.
What I want to do is lay the foundations for working together on the future of video marketing.
A discipline that is still young, and therefore still to be formed.

One first option to work with me is the Smart Video Marketing Academy.

What is the Smart Video Marketing Academy?

The Smart Video Marketing Academy is a part-time training and content production program. Its goal is to develop new and advanced inbound marketing techniques.
No need to send your CV.
You just have to commit to the cause.

Why should you work with me?

I offer earning opportunities and professional growth to anyone who is looking for more than job opportunities, more than just a way to make a living.
My drive is to experiment, teach and learn.
I would love to do it with you.


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Whatever your talent is, Smart Videos is looking for you

You have heard about video marketing but it is not too clear to you what it refers to.
No problem, every human being is on this world to learn.
Or maybe you already have a clear idea and are just waiting for an opportunity to work with me.
Don’t wait, give me a signal right away!