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Mobile video marketing is the continuation of marketing communication by other means. Any person with passion can learn this by enrolling in the academy.
Most important, it only costs 1 coffee per month.

What is the Smart Video Marketing Academy?

Smartphone video represents the new frontier of content marketing. Therefore, the video marketing community needs to clarify its pedagogical objectives, techniques and best practices.

Consequently, The Smart Video Marketing Academy is both an invitation and a challenge to this community.

The topics covered by the academy are diverse but all revolve around smartphone video marketing. In other words, the list here is not exhaustive and everyone is invited to enrich it with their own ideas and insights.

In conclusion, the aim is to stimulate critical learning and use of mobile technologies, both for commercial and societal purposes.

what's in it for me?
what's in it for me?


First of all, I have to register to the waiting list, so that I can receive more details what the Smart Video Marketing Academy can do for me.

What can the Smart Video Mkt Academy do for you?

I wonder what I can do for the Smart Video Marketing Academy.
At the same time, I am curious to know what the academy can do for me.
Almost for free.

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Training & marketing resources

Above all, the current state of marketing requires a constant tension towards learning. Of course, it is not only about tools, techniques and trends in the discipline. Mostly, this tension is about the right state of mind to learn through passion, not effort.

For instance, the smartphone marketing video academy is progressively collecting and organising valuable resources for individual and collective learning in this discipline.

Like what?

Individual coaching sessions

In truth, coaching in video and digital marketing saves time and resources. Thanks to years of experience, Smart Videos can steer the efforts of a fledgling digital business in the right direction.

Must be remembered, we don’t mince our words. Consequently, we do not hesitate to reprimand those who are approaching video marketing in the wrong way.

How can I book my first coaching session?

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Get a gadget of the SMART revolution

Among the many things we do, driven by passion, is the production of gadgets and merchandising of the SMART revolution.

In essence, we see this as a great creative exercise, but also as a simple and effective way of thanking members of the community, be they customers or learners.

What kind of gadgets?

Participate in our live streaming shows

Indeed, no video production delivers as much adrenaline as the live dimension. Success or failure, the difference is always subtle and must be reiterated with every broadcast.

In particular, participation in smart revolution shows is not just about visibility and participation. For the most part, it is about hilarity and entertainment, live on Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram.

Ok, I wanna join.

Yes, I want to join the Smart Video Marketing Academy’s waiting list

The modalities of participation in the Smartphone Video Marketing Academy are still in progess. I can join the waiting list to receive notifications about the opening.

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Here’s what a member can get:

  • Exclusive educational material
  • Webinars, workshops, podcasts
  • 30m coaching session/month
  • 1 gadget (pick up Brussels)
  • Live shows (audience)

Ready to be part of the waiting list?
Here’s what my next steps will be.

  • Choose one of our alternative payment methods
  • Complete the form and create my account
  • Follow the instructions to book my coaching session
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Not ready to subscribe yet?
Here’s what I can do to ease my doubts.