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Are you looking for guest blogging opportunities? Write for us!

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The decision to write for us can become a process of growth alongside genuine video marketing experts.

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Local SEO copywriters of the world, unite!

Guest blogging is a win-win solution for copywriters who want to expand their portfolio, but also for website owners who want to improve their backlinking strategy.

The focus of this site and its content is video marketing with smartphones in Brussels (Belgium).

Why you should join the SMART revolution

We have created a beautiful site, which respects all the principles of SEO strategy. We want to learn even more and we want to share our learning it with as many people as possible.

Why you should think twice

We are not looking for clickbait articles or platitudes stuffed with keywords.
We want our visitors to find value in our pages. Which may take time that you are not willing to give.


Pick an existing topic or choose your own (as long as it’s more or less related to the other ones and to our local dimension).
We are really eager to hearing from you!


What are the rules of engagement to write for us?

We repeat once again: we are not looking for keywords or easy clicks.
Our business is based on transmitting value on behalf of our customers. Which obliges us to convey value ourselves, when we communicate to our audience.
Some call this a user-centred approach, for us it is common sense.