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A free manual for all those who wish to become smartphone videomakers

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The manual of the little smartphone video-maker is a tool for all kids and adults, who want to learn how to make videos with their smartphone.

Origins of this free manual

It all started once upon a time in Anderlecht, a project of media literacy and social inclusion in the suburbs of Brussels.

It was the excuse Smart Videos was looking for to deepen an interest in digital education that has very ancient roots.

What I can learn

Thanks to this manual, I can understand the essential components of video production, the basic rules to respect, the simplest tools to start with.

What I will not find in this free manual

This manual does not talk about social media stories, advanced storytelling techniques, how to become a successful Youtuber. For that stuff, I can ask Google directly.


What does it take to become a smartphone video-maker?

Passion and patience are the fundamental qualities of any small smartphone video-maker. The reason is that editing on a mobile device can be frustrating and the end result not always up to the effort put in.

1. Try, fail. Try better, fail better

The most important concept to keep in mind is that the more videos I take with my smartphone, the better they will be. When I have a little more experience, I can also start making a video a month.

3. Break the rules

Once following these rules feels as natural as drinking a glass of water, it is time to start breaking them.
Without a doubt, this is the most rewarding and significant moment in a learning journey, whatever the field.

2. Learn the 10 rules

Unquestionably, one of the most interesting elements of this free smartphone videomaking handbook are the ten basic rules to keep in mind when trying my hand at this discipline.
I discover them one by one and, above all, memorise them.


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