Co-working in Brussels: visit our headquarters in Lavallée

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Co-working in Brussels means to network and co-create in a vibrant creative community.
Welcome to Lavallée, headquarters of Smart Videos in Molenbeek

Co-working in Brussels: what’s so special about LavallĂ©e?

In the last ten years, co-working spaces in Brussels have sprung up like mushrooms.
After two economic crises and a series of ill-advised housing and employment policies, there is perhaps more co-working than work in Europe’s capital.
Nevertheless, in the creative field, working together can create interesting synergies and opportunities.
To this end, it is necessary to proactively create a community around co-working.

Why we love this place

Smart Videos has been part of this space since before Smart Videos existed, i.e. since the beginning of 2015.
We have always been an active part of LavallĂ©e’s social, digital and recreational initiatives, as the videos on this page testify.

Why you will love it, too

Over 100 creative professionals work in the more than 5,000 square metres of Lavallée: video makers, digital marketing experts, but also graphic designers, painters and sculptors.
There are talents for all tastes.

Why everybody loves co-working in Molenbeek?

Despite being dubbed the cradle of European terrorism by the international media, Molenbeek is a cool place.
It’s not perfect, it may not be the cleanest in the world, but there is diversity in poverty, despite the gentrification taking place.

Why we love 1080

We like co-working in Molenbeek because it reminds us that any economic and entrepreneurial activity is first and foremost a social activity.
And from this exchange we get ideas and inspiration to transform society itself for the better.

Why you should love it, too

There are people who have lived in Brussels for years and have never dared to come here.
So walking and working in Molenbeek means never having to deal with such people.


You need to film your co-working space to present your company? Maybe some cool shooting with a drone? Search no more.

What kind of co-working are we up to at Lavallée?

There have been many intriguing collaborations at lavallee over the years.
We have organised live shows in this part of Molenbeek, such as the Brexit Party. But we also held the first edition of the Videogame here (see video opposite).
When the covid pandemic hit Brussels, we made video portraits of the residents.

Why you should come to visit us

We would be happy to offer a guided tour of LavallĂ©e’s co-working and exhibition spaces. We usually offer a drink in our space at the end of the tour.
Don’t get any ideas, there is no ticket fee!
We simply find it more interesting than any stupid meeting on Zoom.