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Games and gamification techniques to drive engagement

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Playing has never been more serious thanks to the use of games and gamification techniques in communication and marketing.

Gamification techniques give a business goal to a game


Humans have always played games to have fun, but also to learn, socialise and grow. As a matter of fact, video marketing must feed on life.

Sense of achievement

First, games (and their transposition into a professional context, i.e., gamification) are finite realities in time and space. With victory or defeat, they eventually come to an end.

Positive reinforcement

Secondly, playing alone or in a team develops relationships with others. Rivalry or collaboration, the game stimulates respect, whether of the rules or of other players.

Burn out neutraliser

Finally, gaming and gamification release energies that would otherwise oppress. They stimulate creativity and compromise with one’s limits. In short, they unite.

What’s all this hype with games and gamification?

Often marketing sinks happy intuitions in a sea of banality and passing fad: there’s a lot of talk but little action. Games and gamification techniques are no exception.
Yet it’s very simple: it’s about playing.

A teaching session can become a quiz with prizes, a boring video conference can award points to those who intervene with questions.

What makes a game a game?

For simplicity’s sake, what matters most in a game are measurement, skill, and effort.
First, how do I determine the winner?
Second, what does it take to win?
Third, who deserved to win?

Why we recommend this solution

Clearly, winning is a symbol, which the organizer of a game can give whatever meaning he or she chooses.
For this reason, games and gamification techniques are part of the marketing strategy.
Ultimately, the goal of the game always coincides with a business goal.


Play is about learning, and in today’s digital world, that’s not a choice but a necessity.
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