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Digital and media literacy tackle the uncontrolled and uncritical use of new technologies.
Our solution is called the SMART revolution.

What is the difference between digital and media literacy?

On one hand, digital literacy concerns the acquisition of technical skills for the use of new technologies. Examples are programming or computer security.

On the other hand, media literacy concerns the critical consumption of media and information products, such as distinguishing between reliable sources and fake news.

Why does it matter?

A lack of digital and media literacy has a direct and negative consequence on the foundations of social living. For example: voting, equal opportunities, or the proper functioning of the information systems on which our material well-being depends..

What is wrong with this difference?

First of all, this distinction is based on the idea that information production and consumption are two separate moments.
On the contrary, we believe that it is impossible to consume media and digital goods correctly without direct knowledge of the production processes behind them.


In our society everyone has a mobile device and audiovisual communication is pervasive.
Therefore, everyone should learn how to get the best out of their smartphone.

The SMART revolution: digital and media literacy shall overcome

We called it the SMART revolution: it is the idea that digital and media literacy are part of a single process.

Firstly, it is easier to unravel the complex landscape of global communication. As long as one knows what it takes to develop software and create images.

Secondly, it is easier to understand the economic exploitation of new technologies (i.e. clickbaiting, social engineering, etc.). As long as one understands the business model behind it.

What do we fight for?

We do not strive for a perfect world thanks to this kind of literacy. We work for people to become more aware and capable of defending themselves.

Join the conversation, join the revolution

In conclusion, if the topic fascinates you, there are many things we can do together. We can work on media experiments, educational material, debate moments.
We can share and promote resources, tools, good practices that make life easier for parents, students, elderly people.

Join the Smart Video Marketing Academy

We are creating an academy to collaborate on both commercial projects and digital and media literacy side initiatives.

On one hand, we offer training, case studies and professional opportunities.
On the other hand, we ask for passion and dedication.
If it sounds interesting, maybe it’s a match!

Why we recommend that you join

We have big dreams and an unstoppable drive.
Moreover, we want to create something together that nobody has seen yet in the world of digital and media literacy.

Why you may have better things to do

There is one reason why the need for media and digital literacy cannot be postponed. New technologies can generate apathy in individuals.
If you’re too busy, never mind: the Smart Video Marketing Academy is not for you!