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The Brexit Party – a hybrid show, live from Molenbeek

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On 31 January 2020 we celebrated the departure of our British friends from the European Union with (more than) a glass of gin and a hybrid show, live from what the cradle of European terrorism.

Origins of this live show

The idea was to drown years of controversy and xenophobia in a glass of optimism and digital experimentation.
We wanted to have a live streaming party, but we wanted a hybrid event: music, games with prizes, theatre, improvisation.
We also wanted to experiment with promotion: a Facebook event that received more than 300 subscriptions, a social communicationin between event and political marketing.

What we love about this side project

It was pure energy. It was first and foremost a party. We built a show on the party.
And we were rewarded when, at the end, a crew from TV Norge, Norway’s most prestigious broadcaster, visited us for another live broadcast, this time theirs.

What could have been better

Too much improvisation is detrimental to the future of television. Our hybrid live show involved so many people and provoked so many reactions that it was difficult to manage.


How we made this hybrid live show and what we have learnt

The technology was limited to a Samsung S9, an internet connection and Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant.
For the rest, we asked participants (in the studio and at home) to contribute their smartphones to make the event unique.

1. The dark side of free gin

Everyone knows that the open bar is the secret to any successful party.
At the same time, combined with the adrenaline rush of the live event, the open bar can make the mood of the audience unpredictable.
And lead them to regret facts and statements made during the live TV broadcast.
No worries though, nobody got hurt.

3. The importance of going international

During the course of the evening, to our surprise, we received two visits from international guests. The first was the Norwegian TV crew mentioned above, who interviewed us. The second was from a popular English trio, whose hit ‘Last Train to Brussels’ gave voice to Remainers from the perfidious albion.

2. The secret of hybrid digital interaction

In any case, our focus of interest has always been the hybrid dimension of the event, experimentation with new television languages, interaction with the online audience.
With regard to hybridity, we believe that the basic message must be well thought out, so that different media and means can contribute to its harmonious promotion.


The basis of our hybrid live streams is video marketing. Would you like to better understand what it is and how our SMART revolution intends to change it?.