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Web-series & storytelling: connect your audience with your stories

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Every potential customer should not be convinced, but charmed.
That’s what stories are for. And anyone can tell theirs.

Storytelling is the technique, web-series is the tool


Sure, storytelling does not require video. But nothing is more powerful than a web series.

Conversation starter

Above all, storytelling is a human practice, universally appreciated and practiced.
As a marketing technique, it aims to establish a channel of communication.

Natural resistance reducer

Because every story has its own moral, people are not averse to it. Actually, they look forward to seeing their prejudices overturned.

Fidelity booster

Finally, storytelling and seriality automatically refer back to the next episode. It is the power of sharing and no one can resist.

Capture the spirit of the times with storytelling

The importance of storytelling has been emphasized to such an extent that it has become a trite cliché. In particular, this is true in the boring world of startups.

However, we shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater: in a world of cold electronic relationships, narrative conveys trust.

Why we recommend this solution

On one had, the use of narrative techniques in the form of audiovisual web series does not require particular creativity or resources, as much as sensitivity and empathy. In short, it’s a tactic for every budget.

Why you should think twice

On the other hand, sensitivity and empathy sometimes struggle to coexist with the economic interest at stake. And, in terms of marketing strategy, they can pose measurement problems.


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