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Side media projects allow me test new techniques and tools and to invest in the development of new products.

What is a side media project of video marketing?

Digital marketing in general, and therefore also video marketing, have only a few years of history behind them and many years of change ahead of them.
Technology evolves, tools are refined, trends never stand still, people long for inspiration.

No media and marketing expert can avoid working on side projects as a form of continuous training.
But also as a branding and inbound marketing tool.

For many, this is an obligation, but for me it is a real raison d’ĂŞtre.
Let’s have a talk!

House of Cats

An experiment of cross media marketing

In the House of Cats people do not have the power. After invading the web, the felines are now ready to invade the capital of Europe. But they did not escape the camera of Slash Prod, the mother company of Smart Videos. Show me what cross media marketing means.

Once upon a time in Anderlecht

Media literacy and social inclusion

In the suburbs of Brussels, before the international press dubbed them the cradle of European terrorism, I offered a series of smartphone video workshops to show that bridges work better than walls.
Project nominated at the 2017 Visit Brussels Awards – best public initiative. Tell me about media literacy and social inclusion.

The Partisan

A web series in the mountains

In the mountains between Italy and Austria, I told a very personal story in the form of a documentary (or, better said, a mockumentary).
A web series in 3 seasons for a total of 90 minutes of video editing with the smartphone. In the footsteps of Carl Schmitt and Dante Alighieri. Take me to the mountains.

The School of the Future

Smartphone videomaking and tech-education

In the school of the future, tech education will be delivered with the help of small videos, made by the students themselves. This was the vision behind a project that was never achieved. Well, not yet achieved. Take me to the school of the future.

So far so good

Vlogging around the world

I want to change Europe, one smart video at a time, but I do not mind to vlog around the world, from time to time. I did so travelling for 30 consecutive days and producing one video at each stage. Take me around the world.

The Videogame

An experiment of event gamification

I love to play, I love games: switching to gamification techniques was as natural as kicking a ball for a child.
The Videogame is our first experiment in collective content creation with a smartphone. Let me play your game.


I believe in business as much as we believe in digital media education. What kind of future do I have in mind?


3 benefits of working on side media projects

As explained above, digital and video marketing professionals don’t really have a choice: you can learn a lot by working with a customer. But there are limits that cannot be overcome with a given budget.
As director Jean Renoir used to say, there are films you get paid to make and others you pay to make.