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First of all, our commercial video production is the result of exciting relationships. Our clients are based in Brussels, Belgium and other major European locations.

Can commercial video production actually be creative?

To begin with, we would go further.
For instance, we would almost say that commercial video production is the best opportunity to push one’s creativity.
Beyond what we thought were the boundaries.
The idea that commissioned work only relates to the budget actually ignores the motivations of the client.

Sometimes, the request is imprecise and even contradictory. At other times, clients contact a video marketing agency to unleash their creative ambitions.
However, we usually find that there is a common desire to implement the boldest and therefore most effective video strategy.

ABBA – Audiences Blending By Arts

Client: European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities

Service: video production and social media strategy

We have no hesitation in saying that this is the commercial video production we are most fond of. Because it represents 100% our idea of video marketing. In addition, it has allowed us to get in touch with a community of extraordinary actors.
Did you really use a drone?

European Startup Prize for Mobility

Client: Karima Delli – MEP

Service: Event media coverage (photo + video)

The European startup prize for mobility is probably the largest continental incubator in the sector. Therefore, it was exciting to provide photo and video coverage to the first two editions of the prize, held in Brussels.
Do you have more examples of after movie?

Culture in EU external relations

Client: More Europe (Goethe Institut Brussel + partners)

Service: motion graphics, ebook design, graphics

One of the first graphic animations we produced tells a dream, rather than a story. More precisely, the dream of a Europe in where cultural relations do matter.
How much does a motion graphics cost?

The Art of Organising Hope

Client: Victoria Deluxe

Service: vlogging & mobile journalism

We made many friends in Ghent. Even though for three days in a row we found ourselves filming during the day and editing at night. As a matter of fact, the aim was to deliver the video report of the previous day by morning.
Is this vlogging or citizen journalism?

Back to eFuture

Client: European Commission

Service: video production, infographics, and social media strategy

For the most part the European Commission does not deserve the bureaucratic label it is regularly given. Such is the case with this video production, inspired by Back to the Future Day in October 2015.
Is this a trailer or a teaser?

On fait quoi?

Client: SmartBE

Service: web-series for video conference

During the pandemic, we shot a series of audiovisual portraits of the creatives co-working in Lavallée in Molenbeek. Impressed by the initiative, SmartBE asked us to produce a series of videos for their general meeting.
Show me more web series.


Whatever your communication objective is, I need to make one (smart) video per month. By myself or with some help.


3 benefits that only a commercial video production can guarantee

To begin with, if you are on this site, we don’t think we need to explain. Probably, you know what the point of producing a video is nowadays.
What you may be asking yourself is why outsource your video production to an agency.
Good point.
In short, if you can keep these three elements in mind, you may as well do it yourself.