ST01-What are the best event venues in Brussels? (part I)

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The best event venues in Brussels (part I)

by Alessandro Cozzutto 
Digital Communication Specialist @ Slash_Prod
Estimated reading time: 2 minutes + videos
The capital of Europe, and in particular the so-called Eurobubble, hosts thousands of corporate events every year.

You would expect that nothing is easier than finding a location to organise your own event in Brussels, but you would be wrong.

It is a matter of availability and budget.

Also, you have to take into account that most EU events shall take place around the European neighborhood to facilitate the access to as many people as possible.

I mean, if you make the effort to set up a corporate event, a product presentation, or a gala night, you want it to be extremely crowded, don’t you?
So, what are the best event venues in Bruxelles?

The truth is that it depends on two main factors: the kind of event and the budget.

At Smart Videos, being event audiovisual coverage a major part of our business, we have developed a pretty strong expertise.

So, this is our peculiar top 10 in terms of conference venues and event locations.

Please, take this decalogue as a source of inspiration, rather than truth.
There are so many interesting places, where we still have to film.
Besides, being Brussel a very dynamic city, new venues pop up on an almost daily basis.
Solvay library (Bibliothèque Solvay)
Leopoldpark – Rue Belliard 137, 1040 Brussels
  1. Plunged in the green atmosphere of the Leopold park, literally a few metres from the back of the European Parliament, the Solvay library offers an old-style lecture room, preciously decorated with wood, mosaics and coloured glass.
The venue is really elegant and classy, perfect for high-level, not-too-corporate, events, presentations, conferences.
It also offers a not too big but very charming terrace, which your guests can enjoy during summer.
The Egg Brussels
Rue Bara 175, 1070 Bruxelles
  1. In Anderlecht, not so close to the European area, but very much close to the Midi Station (Gare du Midi – Zuid station), you can find the Egg.
  2. The venue is really hype, a sort of post-modern tribute to architecture, and offers many kind of rooms.
It may be insanely expensive, as the hypes always cost a lot, but a bunch of business (wo)men will appreciate the ghetto context, as it make them feel reassured by the fact that, at night, they will be able to go back to their posh neighborhoods.
Galerie Ravenstein
Galerie Ravenstein 40/41, 1000 Brussel
  1. We really love to film in unconventional spots, which are not necessarily event venues (or, at least, not always).

  2. A couple of times, for the Brussels Electronic Marathon in 2016 and for a runway show in 2018, we had the
chance to film at Galerie Ravenstein, a recently renewed public space in the heart of Brussels, 2 minute walking from the Central Station (Gare Centrale – Centrale Station).
If your event is a flash-mob kind of event, don’t go any further!
Comix museum (Centre belge de la bande dessinée)
Rue des Sables 20, 1000 Bruxelles
  1. Another very cool location to set up an original event, which your guests will not forget, is the Centre belge de la bande dessinée.
  2. Apart from having a very nice director, you will be surrounded by a very intriguing scenario of visuals
and paper, featuring some Belgian and international comix heros, such as the Schtroumpf, Tin Tin, Asterix, Corto Maltese, and more.
There are not many nor very big event rooms, but if you do not expect a big audience, why not?

Parc Royal
Brussels Park, 1000 Bruxelles
  1. What about a nice outdoor event?
  2. Ok, in Belgium that may come with a high degree of uncertainty, because of the weather, but consider the positive trade off: people in Brussels go crazy when they can enjoy fresh air and some rays of sun.
So, you may be make them happy just by inviting them, no matter what your event is about.

Only problem: it may not be that easy to book a spot, as the park mainly serves as big big public event venue.

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