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For each communication goal, there’s a video marketing solution

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A video marketing solution uses the power of images to help us achieve any communication goal.
With this in mind, how can I build my strategy around the use of a simple smartphone?

What makes a video solution effective?

3 elements

A video marketing solution can unravel through preparation, production, and promotion.
In essence, it must bring together the before, during, and after.


At this point, analysis links the audiovisual solution to a desired end. In other words, video marketing is as much about creativity as it is about data.


The technical process of video production starts from a series of inputs (e.g. footage, text or graphics). It ends up with a final output: the video file.


However, a video output is useless as long as I don’t set key performance indicators. In brief, these KPIs measure and verify the achievement of my goals.

Video marketing solutions by category

A video marketing solution is based on, but not limited to, making compelling videos. To summarise, there are three components that allow me to take up the challenge.

First, the strategy clarifies my communication objective. Secondly, the video production puts it into practice. Finally, the training provides me with the skills I lack.