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What are the most popular types of videos?

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Today you can do anything online, why should choosing a video production be any different?
Pick here the video format that best suits you.

What’s the difference between type of video, format, and category?


It is not the technical terms that make the difference, but a little clarity always helps to work collaboratively and more effectively.


The “type” defines the strategic function of a video production (i.e. educational video). Talking of video marketing strategy, take a look at the list below.


The format of a video is a technical specification that has to do with the output file. The most popular video format on the web is the mp4, because it’s light.


Categories refer to the topic, with which the video deals: for instance, the topic can be sport, travel, gaming, or even autos & vehicles or vlogs, like on Youtube.

Our list of popular types of video

Any list of popular video types depends on the perspective adopted. In our case, this is B2B marketing.
However, there is nothing to prevent the same types from being adopted in B2C or non-profit contexts.

In short, this list simply tries to provide inspiration for those who want to embark on a video marketing strategy. If your goal is to increase your online visibility, you will have enough ideas to plan a very rich content calendar.