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In the future everyone will make a mobile video in 15 minutes

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We have been making videos with a smartphone since 2010. And even more so since the first mobile video editing apps appeared.
The future of video marketing is mobile.

Which is the best camera for smartphone video making?

At Smart Videos, we work mainly with Samsung’s high-end smartphone line. But the truth is that the best camera for making videos is the one already in your pocket.
As much as the quality of mobile cameras is improving all the time, the point is not to compete in quality with more traditional DSLRs or camcorders.

The point is rather that smartphone video is an autonomous discipline, with its own rules, weaknesses and strengths.
Our portfolio of videos entirely filmed and edited with a mobile device serves to showcase the enormous potential of this discipline.
Let us know what you think about them.

Everybody can do it!

Running the Brussels half marathon while filming

We thought that one of the many editions of the Belfius Half Marathon in Brussels would be the right occasion to discuss the nature of smartphone video making.
Everybody can do it, just not anybody. Show me more vlogging examples.

Brussels Electric Marathon

Behind the scenes of a special event

Another Brussels marathon, this time an electronic one, was the occasion to ask us for a small video contribution, to be completed in less than 24 hours.
These are the constraints that push this kind of video-making at its best.
Show me more event media coverage.

Spensley – retro football kits

The passionate history behind the founder of the greatest footbal team ever

Mobile video making is still far from disrupting the world of advertising. And yet, in this experiment, we think we have shown that even a smartphone allows slow motion effects worthy of a TV commercial. What works the best on social media?.

Still using Europass?! Make a video CV

The job market has changed, time to adapt

More and more recruiters are asking candidates to submit a video CV.
More and more, smart video making represents a skill that can increase a job seeker’s chances of being hired.
Well, almost always. What else can I explain in less than 90 seconds?

RANA – refugees are not alone

Solidarity in the heart of Europe

Our experiments in mobile video making were not always pure experiments.
This simplified video production technique has enabled us to offer quality services to non-profit organisations with limited budgets.
This was the case with RANA, Refugees Are Not Alone. Show me more teasers and trailers.

The Videogame – LavallĂ©e birthday edition

Celebrating two years of co-working with gamification

Our passion for games and gamification techniques is perhaps inferior only to our passion for video marketing. When we had the opportunity to combine these two passions, we didn’t hesitate for a second. Tell me more about video and gamification.


A new spectre is haunting Europe, it’s the spectre of mobile video marketing.
Do you want to know more about how it works?


3 benefits that only a mobile video production guarantee

We repeat: smartphone video making is a technique that should not replace but complement the range of possibilities of video marketing.
Its greatest advantage lies in the fact that everyone is now used to filming and being filmed with a smartphone.