You are hosting an event.
You want the world to see it.
You need a mobile video strategy.
Transparent pricing
Quick delivery
100% smart

Our Smart Solutions

Three simple plans to get started.
And the freedom to add whatever option.


– 2h filming in Brussels
– 60-second HD video
– 1 review
– music
– copyrights
– 24h delivery


– 4h filming in Brussels
– 60-120 sec Full HD
– 2 reviews
– music & sound editing
– basic strategy & copyrights
– 24h delivery (first draft)


– 8h filming in Brussels
– 60-180 sec Full HD/4K
– 3 reviews
– drone (indoor)
– music & sound engineer
– advanced strategy & copyrights

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vat excl.
vat excl.
No obligation to purchase !
Transparent pricing
How much for a video? Pick one of our 3 plans to know exactly what you will spend. And get in return.
Quick delivery
Ready for the challenge? You start counting as soon as your event begins. We deliver by the next 24h.
100% smart
We use any technology (such as DJI Osmo stabilizer, drone) to make your mobile video awesome.

You are not hosting an event?

From digital campaigning to content marketing, we offer plenty of solutions for any business scenario.
  • Not only mobile video-making can boost your online presence and reputation.

It can also trigger an authentic digital transformation.

It’s the Nobel prize for literature, Bob Dylan, who once sang: 
“The times, they’re a-changin’ !“

Anyone can make it.
Everyone shall join.

Join the Smart Revolution

Learn how to make videos with your smartphone

Whether it is for filming, editing, or post-production, It is not difficult to find free, fremium, and premium apps, software, and plugins, today on the internet (take a look here).

However, video-making is much more than technology: “it’s evolution, baby.” And “with great power comes great responsibility” (Spiderman).

We are not only the first and very hype mobile video agency in Brussels (or in the rest of the universe, as far as we are aware): with a 20-year expertise in video-making and editing, we want to change Europe, one smart video at a time.

We preach and practice media literacy, as a tool to make people aware of both risks and opportunities in the massive use of new technologies.

Nous ne sommes que des vidéologues!
The Public Coz
Videologist & minister of propaganda

To get started, you can download our
Manual of the Little Smartphone Video-maker.
It’s quick, it’s free.
And you can always send us a feedback to make it better.