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Video marketing for all, from Brussels

Video marketing helps improve online presence, visibility, and reputation.
All it takes is a smartphone.


Why mobile video marketing?

The best camera is the one in my pocket.
Besides, smartphone videos ensure budget optimisation, interaction, and creativity.

With that in mind, I have to follow 3 simple steps to launch my own mobile video marketing strategy, in Brussels or anywhere else in Europe.


The successful video marketing strategy

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The best way to get started with video marketing in Brussels and have an impact is to follow 3 simple steps.


Do it yourself or with our help

Thanks to the guidance of Smart Videos, I can learn how to get started by myself, whether I am in Brussels or elsewhere.

Or I can subscribe to a monthly plan and start receiving one smart video a month (and much more).


“If you are looking for the best and you want to be different…this is the go-to-place.”

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We are (probably) the first mobile video marketing agency in Brussels.

Marketing helps people understand what they want.
Mobile video is how they are going to get it.
We believe that it’s a good mix of value, data, and creativity.

Above all, we want our audience to develop a critical approach to technology and change Europe, one smart video at a time.

This is not another stupid startup, this is a family business.

Colourful illustration of our company logo