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Live streaming shows to build the future of television

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We do live streaming shows because we believe that the most effective video marketing is often the fastest, most immediate and most direct.

What is a live streaming show?

Everyone is familiar with the live streams of dubious quality that proliferate on social networks: the point is proximity.
A show is something different, it makes entertainment its goal.
The idea is to borrow the language of television and adapt it to the technologies and dynamics of the web.

This is how our live streaming shows were born, with the aim of taking television beyond the 20th century.
Above all, we want our live shows to be bold and give our audience what they can’t find in the more modern and sophisticated media. Which sometimes lack in courage.

2020 US elections

Come to meet the 46th US president with us

On 3 November we launched a live broadcast of more than four hours to follow and comment with our audience on the 2020 US elections. Thanks to numerous special guests, polls and games, we believe we have made live streaming great again. Show me the 2020 US elections.

7.30 live

Live from the pandemic

A new generation political talk show, mindful of the greatest lessons in television history, at the times of the Covid pandemic. During the April 2020 lockdown, we produced ten weekly episodes and rewrote the rules of live streaming. Show me what a political talk show is.

The Brexit Party

This love & hate relationship is coming to an end, our friendship doesn’t have to!

The Brexit Party is not only a political party of dubious reputation but, more importantly, a hybrid TV show aired on the evening of 30 January 2020. That is, the last night in union with our British friends. Show me this hybrid live show.

Ego Pop America

Live streaming from the city that never sleeps

We don’t know if Ego Pop America was more of a live stream or a vlog. So, we think it was a mix of the two, with a series of shows aired daily during a trip between New York City and Philadelphia. Show me the difference between a live streaming and a vlog.

2019 EU elections

Will populist parties seize the capital of Europe?

One of the first experiments with live streaming is a small, handmade show built with a smartphone on the evening of the 2019 European elections. Live from a terrace a few metres from the European Parliament. Show me more about Facebook live streaming.


We love live streaming shows because we believe that people communicate better with audiovisual content. Want to see a full list of video solutions?


3 benefits of working with live streaming

We are convinced that live streaming is the show format of the future.
But we understand a certain resistance, which stems from the myriad of slightly messy broadcasts we come across online.
Let’s try to identify a few things you can work on to improve the performance of your show.