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What equipment do I need for my smartphone video productions?

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If I want to try my hand at smartphone video, I need lightweight equipment.
In other words, to exploit this type of production, I need to be able to move around quickly and with agility.

What equipment does a smartphone video production require?

Lately, it is not uncommon to come across blog articles and social media advertisements promoting big and complicated gadgets to make ‘professional videos’ with a smartphone.

Firstly, I don’t need gadgets to make a ‘professional’ video with a smartphone, I need to use my brain.

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Above all, the equipment to produce video with a smartphone must remain light. In short, what’s the point of using a smartphone if I have to carry around 20 kilos of equipment?

In conclusion, I have to make sure I have the necessary material to film to the best of my ability. And I have to connect my brain to achieve my communication goals, not those of the tech industry.

let's do it
let's do it


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