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Video marketing case studies presents overview, approach, and results of a business relation.
What they reveal is the strategy behind these works.

How can video marketing boost sales?

Video marketing case studies are the “after movie” of a contract with a client, in order to highlight good practices and related strategies.
I am not so much interested in putting my work forward.

Rather, an effective video solution cannot be separated from the right marketing strategy. In the case studies presented here, it is above all the variety of possible approaches that your attention should focus on.

Video marketing case study 01: #EU AND ME

Client: ICT Next

Service: creative strategy, event management, video production

Overview: as part of the #EUandme campaign, promoted by the European institutions in an attempt to curb populist voting in the 2019 elections, I was asked to come up with creative proposals for the Youth Day Event at the Strasbourg Parliament.
And then to develop one of these ideas: a live painting with Belgian street artist Denis Meyers.

Approach: in a very short time we put together a performance team, which ensured that the performance took place, despite numerous last-minute logistical changes. Video marketing was used to give media coverage of the performance on social media.

Result: during the scant 4 hours of the performance, more than 200 delegates present at the event queued up to add their word to this collective live painting project. The final work still lies happily at the headquarters of the European Commission – DG Communication.

How can I boost my event with media coverage?.

Case study 02: The importance of inbound marketing

Client: Audience Advantage

Service: web-design, video-production, social media management

Overview: as part of a six-month collaboration, I supervised the creation of a WordPress site and various aspects of digital marketing (SEO/SEA). But also a relevant video production for the website and social media: interviews, video showcases, media coverage of events.

Approach: This strategy involved the foundations of an inbound marketing strategy for presentation software company Audience Advantage.

Result: in the first few months since the launch of the inbound strategy, both the company’s website and social media accounts had more than doubled the previous year’s performance.

Is this an example of creative content strategy?.

Case study 03: Someone to run with

Client: Gopacom + Fondazione Brodolini

Service: creative strategy, mockup, storyboard

Overview: video marketing was an integral part of the strategy proposed in the framework of a project call for European regional funds.

Approach: I conceieved the creative strategy in its entirety, including the timeline, channels, and mockups of the graphic proposal. Clearly on time and on budget.

Result: the consortium of communication agencies managed to pass the selection based on the creative proposal and put its more than one million euro budget in its sights.

Do you also deal with creative direction and project management?.

Case study 04: A smartphone video strategy for Europe

Client: Scope – an Intrasoft company

Service: media strategy

Overview: in this video marketing case study I found myself working for a European public contract in the field I know best: that of video strategy using a smartphone.

Approach: I lined up project objectives, training modules, expected outcomes, key performance indicators, support and assistance.

Result: to be seen 🙂

I would like to read more about video strategy.

Case study 05: Once upon a time in Anderlecht

Funder: Fondation Roi Baudoin – Koning Boudewijnstichting

Service: concept, training, video production

Overview:the aim of the project was to teach young people in the Brussels suburbs how to make videos with a smartphone. Consequently, how to use this technique to represent theirselves and their neighbourhood in opposition to the stereotyped image propagated by mainstream media and politics.

Approach: the aim was not profit but this remains the most brilliant video marketing case study in my portfolio. Because I built this media literacy project from scratch, conceiving the idea, the pedagogical method, the promotion strategy.

Result: the generous effort gave me the opportunity to present the project at the European Parliament on June 2017 and was selected as one of the best public initiatives at the 2017 Visit Brussels Awards.

What has media literacy to do with social inclusion?.

Case study 06: Doctors without audiovisual borders

Client: Doctors without borders

Service: motion graphic series for internal communication

Overview: one of the first major video productions I worked on (under the company name “Slash Prod”) was an internal communication project for Doctors Without Borders.

Approach: In charge of producing a large amount of graphic animations and managing the project in its entirety, I learned how to mediate the creative needs with those of a large non-profit organisation.

Result: the project, on which there was a 3-month delay in work before my arrival, was completed on time and on budget thanks to my intervention.

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While outbound marketing aims to identify and reach a potential audience for its products or services, inbound marketing lets the audience choose whether or not to identify with them.
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3 ways to look at video marketing case studies

The problem with a video marketing case study is that often rather than concrete examples, what is presented is a long blabla with no construct and no sense.
At the end of the day, the only three elements that really matter are the same three that define project management in general.
The sacred triad of time, budget, quality.