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Improve your visibility online, entertain your audience and find more customers with my creative video marketing solutions.

“There is so much to do online nowadays, so many places to be, that it is very confusing when you are not an expert.”


GĂ©raldine, Business owner

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Video marketing production

The main variables, when dealing with a full list of video marketing solutions, are related to equipment and quality.
Quality’ is nothing more than the time required for shooting, editing and post-production.

To make this process as easy as possible, especially for newbies, I’ve created a 3-step method to get busy with video marketing.
In particular, if you are looking for clear and transparent pricing you may want to take a look at monthly plans.


More than a full list of solutions, what you may need to get started with video marketing is a monthly plan.

Video marketing strategy

The right video marketing strategy is a wise mix of the most appropriate marketing tactics.
Strategy is what distinguishes video production from video marketing. The question it asks is who, how and why will watch our video. The question is complex, but its purpose is very simple: given a certain business objective, what is the most effective way to achieve it?

The strategy concerns not only promotion, but dissemination in general, i.e. the channels, timing and mechanisms of publication.
Finally, the strategy identifies key performance indicators (KPIs), i.e. how and what data to collect in order to confirm or not the achievement of the objective.
This is what the price of a video really is about.

Video marketing training

Big companies spend hundreds of millions of euros in training budgets every year. But they don’t get much out of it.
Partly because training is a form of benefit that is simply part of salary negotiations.
Partly because traditional training is more about gaining skills and certificates rather than personal and strategic growth.

My idea of training is to achieve a level, no matter how high, of creative independence.
Creativity means being able to ask the right questions.
It is this state of mind that motivates self-education.
Motivation, creativity, independence: these are the keys of any valid training program.