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How do our monthly video marketing plans work?

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Our video marketing plans consist of much more than one smart video per month.
Indeed, all it takes is to subscribe online and let the magic happen.

What are the benefits of a monthly plan?

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Smart Videos’ monthly plans are very detailed and explain what exactly I get and at what price. In essence, though, what are the major benefits they offer?

Fast, smart, affordable

I must forget about Hollywood, I don’t need great actors nor a big camera.
What I need is to deliver meaningful strategic content without killing my budget. And do it fast and on a regular basis.


In short, a marketing strategy turns my communication objective into channels, targets and key performance indicators.
Let’s build a video strategy together and use data to show us the way.

Cancel anytime

In general, I will receive a bill the 1st of each month. Unless I cancel my subscription by the night before.
What about the quality of smartphone videos? I’LL CHECK THE PORTFOLIO

What happens after the subscription?

Above all, Smart Videos’ idea is to give members full control and as much automation as possible.
Besides, I can always get in touch via email or phone.

1. I can log in to manage my subscription

It is a question of simplicity.
A monthly video marketing plan would not work otherwise.
At any time, I can log into Smart Videos and manage my subscription.

Where do I find the login page?

2. I can book a coaching session to discuss my needs

OK, coming up with a video marketing strategy is more complex than ordering a pizza.
For this reason, I can book a coaching session at any time to come up with a clear communication goal and the right video solution.

Where can I book a coaching session?

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3. I can order my first video

Once the objective and the most appropriate video solution have been established, it is time to take action.
I can define the specifications of my video (titles, location and time of filming, tone of voice) directly online.

Coming soon

Ready for

Some need more explanations and talking.
Others understand immediately the benefits that come with Smart Videos’ monthly plans.