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A series of articles to help small businesses increase their visibility through video (and) marketing.

This blog provides small business owners with some inspiration to better navigate through risks and opportunities of modern marketing.
In one sentence: you are not alone.

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What do I need to get started with small business marketing?

You need curiosity. And just to make sure we are on the same page: we are not going to reveal secrets or magic recipes to increase your sales. Still, we believe that small business is not just about economy, it’s a way of life, it’s culture and – to some extent – even politics.

Being a small business owner means to have no choice but taking care of thousands of different things at the same time. If our perspective on a few marketing-related matters can help, we are glad.

What is this blog and what is not?

This blog is not a guide, nor a list of tools or techniques or freebies. It’s no pyramid, no “the first one is free” scheme to ask you for money.

It’s about giving a voice to those concerns, doubts, and questions that buzz on an entrepreneur’s mind (and no one to talk with).

Who needs it and who doesn’t?

Paradoxically, those, who need these articles more, are not the small business owners, rather their clients :)

The reason is simple: as clients, we often tend to underestimate or undervalue the work, the skills, and the sacrifices, which provide all of us with products and services.

However, as clients usually do not care, it would be nice to discuss these topics with those, who experience them on a daily basis.

Is this a group of support like those for alcoholics?
Ah ah, no, no worries: this is the SMART revolution.

What’s so special about small business?

Everybody knows that big business sucks.
Not per se, but because most of them are just a private bureaucracy.

The inner meaning of the word “enterprise” is to “start something,” something that did not exist before and would not exist without our daily efforts.
At least, this is the spirit behind our enterprise.

Can I contribute?

Our purpose is not to start a movement or to accomplish something in particular.

It is more about being aware of the essential social role of small business in society.
So, if you want to write about similar topics, or to publish something you have written already, you’re welcome!

If your written contribution is particularly good, we are even willing to pay for it (don’t get excited, it must be reaaaally good).

Find here the full list of free articles that we have written about small business marketing.

You can help us make it better!
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