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How can I define and reach my communication objective?

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Do I only want to increase my online visibility or also my reputation? Promote an event, improve my search ranking, generate more leads, sales or followers?
Clarity is the baseline for achieving my goals.

How do I define my communication objective?

The best way to define a communication and marketing objective is through a model. As opposed to a methodology, it provides a simple and flexible structure for thinking.


Have you ever heard of the SMART goals?

The SMART model is an acronym for five parameters on which to measure a marketing objective. Its advantage lies in its ease of verification and replicability.

In general, marketing offers many valid models, as long as I keep the right balance between theory and practice.

How to reach my communication objectives

For example, the 5 Whys model is about questioning any strategic decision to the point of exhaustion. Or, the REAN (Reach, Engage, Activate, Nurture) model retraces the main stages of the consumer journey.

In conclusion, any model that challenges my beliefs, without caging me into a purely intellectual exercise, can help me to accurately define my marketing objectives.

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SHOW ME examples


A video marketing solution is a strategy aimed at achieving specific communication goals. At Smart Videos, we specialise in building this strategy around the use of smartphones.

Examples of communication objectives to reach

To achieve a communication goal, I first have to ask myself the right questions. Take inspiration from the questions that friends and customers often address to us.

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Maria / Teacher

I want to increase my online visibility and reputation

For some it is a matter of business, for others of ego. When it comes to online presence, I have to know where it is good to start.

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man wearing a cool tshirt

Cleto / Retired

I need to improve my presentation skills

With the Covid pandemic, I am often on video conferencing. But how do I keep people from falling asleep when I speak?

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Winny & Rob / Business owners

I’m looking for free marketing training, tools, & tips

I can’t afford a cool video marketing agency like yours, but I would still like to learn marketing tactics and techniques.

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stabilizer smartphone video-making

Braus / Consultant

I want to promote my business with Youtube marketing

Above all, the decision to get started with Youtube marketing depends on how familiar one is with the platform and its rules.

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video marketing testimonial

GĂ©raldine / Business owner

I have to run a marketing campaign with a small budget

My work is of little use if I can’t let people know I exist. How can I achieve maximum results with minimum effort?

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branding example

Donald / Former US president

My goal is to generate more leads and followers

Is anybody listening to me? What does it take to create an audience of potential customers and supporters?



To reach my communication objective, I will have to start asking the right questions.

To reach my communication objective, I need discover the added value I can bring to the people around me.
In other words, it is a challenge to oneself that should not be taken lightly, because it determines the chances of success of my marketing actions.

In conclusion, a successful marketing strategy in 2021, in particular if I work in a niche B2B market, is nothing but me being useful, inspiring, reliable.
This is how I establish trust. And trust brings with it the solution.

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