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A series of articles for those who wonder “What the hell is going on?” and “Who’s got power nowadays?”

This blog discusses the role of tech in shaping the future of politics, but also new forms of dominance: from the Turing machine to artificial intelligence, the analysis of power has never been so complex and fascinating.
In one question: who’s gonna rule the world of tomorrow?

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What do I need to get started with the interstice of tech and politics?

You need patience and some familiarity with new technologies, for sure. But, more importantly, you need to be used to some jargon from social sciences.

These articles have mainly been written before the launch of the SMART revolution and, somehow, they built the intellectual breeding ground for it.

What is this blog and what is not?

Hopefully this blog can give some food for thought, in particular for those who (would) like to think of new technologies positively, but also critically.

It’s no curse against Bill Gates and friends, but it’s no naive account of the fight for power in the digital era.

Who needs it and who doesn’t?

It would be tempting to say that everybody needs it and nobody really does.

The role of open discussion and political debate is probably a remaining fetish of the Western ideological and post-ideological societies.

It was a world, in which some people managed to get rich by writing books that nobody has ever read and proposing groundbreaking ideas that nobody has ever really understood.

Is this a joke?
No, this is the beginning of a SMART revolution.

How does power work?

It’s not easy to say how power works.
For sure, it is not a matter of ideas.
Ideas are cheap, they do not change the world.

Is power something bad?
Yes it is, this is the reason why we fight it.

Can I contribute?

Our purpose is not really to ignite a debate or to convince anyone to join our side.
It is more about working together.

And yes, this also includes “thinking” together.
So, if you want to write about similar topics, or to publish something you have written already, you’re welcome!

If your written contribution is particularly good, we are even willing to pay for it (don’t get excited, it must be reaaaally good).

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You can help us make it better!
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