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Make one video per month: do it yourself or let us help

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The future of video marketing is mobile.
But why is it important to produce video content every month? And who might need help?

Why make one video per month?

In the age of mobile devices, video marketing is now accessible to everyone.
But not everyone has the time or motivation to take it on.
In this section, let’s explore what mobile video marketing is, how it works, and why it’s important to take action – on one’s own or with the help of an expert.

An example of target advertising on social media

What’s the difference between video and video marketing?

Video is a technical medium, video marketing is a tactic aimed at achieving a specific communication objective.

In other words, video is, by its nature, a monologue, whereas the goal of video marketing is to establish a dialogue.

Tell me more about communication objectives.

Why should I make one smart video every month?

Mobile video marketing employs a range of video content to generate a dialogue between me (my company, my brand) and my audience.

The easiest way to create and nurture this positive tension is by regularly sharing engaging content.

Think of it like a Netflix series: it’s not the individual episode that captivates the audience, it’s the evolution of the story.

Tell me more about video marketing.

video solution

Who should make one video per month?

For those who need video content for themselves or their customers, Smart Videos offers a simple, scalable, monthly solution.

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I want to make my own smart videos

Little by little, Smart Videos is on a quest to identify and select the most effective resources for you to get started with mobile video marketing.
It is part of our mission and, as you can see from our side projects, we just can’t help it 🙂

The easiest way is to download our free Manual of the Little Smartphone Video-Maker.

The most engaging way is to enrol in our Smart Video Marketing Academy.

I don’t have time for this

Not everyone has the time, patience or motivation to become a mobile video marketer.

In particular, Brussels-based communication agencies – but also consultancy firms and companies – may need video content on a regular basis… and they may need it done by yesterday 🙂

It’s with them in mind that Smart Videos has devised a flexible subscription model that gives everyone the chance to get started with video marketing.

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