Video portfolio

Every company needs a portfolio, when it wants to make a presentation of its best video production.

Which elements give the client the best picture of your talent?
By Smart Videos

How to make a video portfolio…

…without jeopardising your business plan.
It is never easy for video-makers to present their work, because their talent consists in presenting the talent of others. 
A professional video maker can produce corporate videos, interviews, graphic animations or social media stories.After years of activity and a large number of productions, selecting a part objectively may require a titanic effort. 

Let’s try to identify five basic rules that the creation of a successful video portfolio should implement. 
First, a portfolio should include only a limited number of video productions, and possibly the best

Secondly, a good balance has to be found between works of greater impact and more illustrative works, possibly divided into categories and sub-categories.

Some examples of categories are: commercial works vs. personal or experimental works, B2B videos vs. B2C videos. Or they can follow a chronological order.
ABBA – European project
Duration: 0:51 sec

Corporate videos

For corporate video we refer to any type of video content commissioned by a small company, a large business or a commercial organisation.

This type of content includes: training, promotional/brand videos, product presentations, testimonial videos, event videos and so on.

Corporations’ video content is usually shared on the company’s website page, on social media or via email marketing.

How to create a video portfolio…

…that does justice to your efforts.
Third, the best way to select your works is to create a small panel, possibly composed not only of friends.
Let them rate, from 1 to 10.
Which are your creations that impressed them the most?

Let them help you choose.

Fourth, your “creatures” could be put into chronological context.
Today technologies and tastes change quickly. Your ability to demonstrate your resilience over time is certainly an added value.
Fifth, you might consider subdividing your commercial video gallery according to the level of budget they have requested.

This transparency would certainly inspire confidence in your potential clients. It would also guide them in understanding the costs of different image quality.

After all, guiding the public and all potential customers is the precise purpose of presenting a creative portfolio.
US Election night
Duration: 0:41 sec

Live streaming

How do you launch live streaming on platforms like Facebook, Youtube or Linkedin?

We are not talking about the technical aspects.
Rather, we are talking about how to conceive a show that looks like a professional TV format. 

For some years now, at Smart Videos, we have been working hard to propose innovative formats. The only rule? A continuous interaction between producers and viewers. 

Welcome to the future of television. 

Present your work…

…as you would present yourself.
Is it better to present your work using a power point or a link to your Vimeo account? What about a web-page on your site?
Whatever weapon you choose, the basic principles remain the same.

It is not the quantity of the work, but its quality.
Budget matters, but what about the consistency and transparency in presenting your case studies?

A matter of perception

It is not our personal judgement (often distorted by an unavoidable attachment to one’s work).
It is the perception that our viewers may derive from it.

In this regard, simplicity and clarity should be privileged.
Your clients are human beings.
In the vast majority of cases, they will not have the cognitive tools necessary to judge your work.
After all, it’s your job, right?!

In addition, one must communicate a general sense of reliability, experience and flexibility.

In conclusion

Broken links, incomplete descriptions, conflicting information will damage you far more than any erroneous camera movement or out-of-focus shooting.

Creating your own video portfolio requires time. Above all, it requires continuous updates.

We know, it’s an endless work but it’s part of the magic of this craft.
The Partisan – trailer
Duration: 1:27 min

Side projects

Our parallel projects have a double value in the development of the SMART revolution.

On the one hand, they represent a gym to train our knowledge of the medium.
On the other hand they allow us to develop a content marketing strategy.
This strategy feeds not only our social platforms, but also new exciting lines of business.

From media literacy to vlogging, from gamification to tech-education, the choice is yours: take a walk on the wild side!

We want to change Europe,
one smart video at a time.

Join the SMART revolution
Brussels half marathon
Duration: 1:13 min

Mobile video editing experiments

At the origin of the SMART revolution there was a sensational discovery.
The rapid development of mobile technology made possible to film images of ever higher quality.
Above all, it made possible to edit those same images without the need for additional equipment.

Given the ubiquity of smartphones at any latitude on the planet, video-making became for the first time a discipline without barriers to entry.

From every great power comes great responsibility: this is where the SMART revolution was born.