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This 2023 guide to video marketing will give you the inspiration you need to improve your online visibility using your smartphone. For free.

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Why a free guide to video marketing?

In October 2022, Smart Formation asked me to give a workshop on the topic of video marketing.

Given how enjoyable the initiative was, I decided to share a summary of those ideas with the Smart Videos community.

What you can learn

Thanks to this free guide, you can understand the difference between video and video marketing. More importantly, you will learn how to set your objectives, identify the appropriate audience, and pick the right channel, among other things.

What you will not find in this free manual

This guide does not talk about mobile video editing. For that stuff, you can check the Manual of the Little Smartphone Videomaker.


3 reasons to download this free guide to video marketing

This presentation is divided into 4 parts.
It starts with the strategic preparation work, moves on to the actual video production.
Once the delicate phase of promotion has been discussed, concludes with an often underestimated part: iteration.

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1. Get a strategic vision of video mkt

When it comes to video marketing in 2023, it is necessary to take a clear and coherent view of the strategy, which is why, with this guide, you will learn how to define message, target and positioning.

2. Get started right away with your smartphone

Unquestionably, one of the most interesting elements of this free smartphone videomaking handbook are the ten basic rules to keep in mind when trying my hand at this discipline.
I discover them one by one and, above all, memorise them.

3. Use my exercises to test your new skills

Theory is useless without practice.
Having practised video for more than 20 years, I have decided to include in this practical guide some exercises to test the knowledge you will have just acquired.

And there’s more: you can send me your exercises to get my feedback!

2. Get started right away with your smartphone

Mobile video marketing is the fastest and most effective form of video marketing.
This is why this free guide to video marketing will explain what tools you need to get started.

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Download my 2023 free guide to video marketing and be prepared to become the video marketer that this world needs.

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