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Free marketing training, tools, and tips for passionate beginners

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Everybody is looking for or offering free marketing resources, training, coaching, or online tools.
First, I need to give my dreams a structure.

I can get free digital marketing training at Google Digital Atelier

For people like me, based in Brussels or anywhere in Belgium, Google Digital Atelier is the easiest option to get started with marketing training.

The initiative, which is part of the global Grow with Google program, allows me to follow training and coaching sessions, even during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Why we recommend this solution

First of all, the initiative is free, which is no small thing. More importantly, the founder of Smart Videos is one of the trainers. So why not take advantage of it?

Why you may think twice

Free resources always conceal a pitfall. They make us think that access to information and training is enough to develop a career. Like it or not, it is only a starting point.


It talks about small business marketing, tech and politics, SEO tools and techniques. It talks about so many things that we don’t even remeber all of them by heart.

Become a little smartphone videomaker with our free manual

The Manual of the Little Smartphone Videomaker is a free resource for those, who’d like to learn how to make videos using their smartphone.

No, I will not become a professional videographer by reading this manual: it is more a point of departure to break the ice with this innovative way of making videos.

i wanna download it


With the great power of free mkt training, tools, and tips comes a great responsibility.

Many people seek out free marketing training, tools and advice, but not many take the time to grasp the effort involved.

The reason learning, and even more so producing, free marketing resources can be expensive is that easily accessible information makes competition stiffer.

In conclusion, I should help other people learn from me as much as I believe I can learn from them, because my questions are more valuable than any random answer I may find online.