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How can video generate more leads, sales, or followers?

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Video can generate more leads, sales, or followers in three different ways: it can inform, explain, excite.
What I need to do is to choose a communication objective, then pick the most appropriate video solution.
Finally, I need to make one video per month.

How can a video per month generate more leads, sales, or followers?

be regular

If one produces a single video, before having built an audience, few will notice. Unfortunately, Rome wasn’t built in a day.


If my product or brand is new, my first and only goal is to raise awareness. At this stage, I exclusively have to make sure that people know that my product or brand exist.


If the target audience has already heard of me, it is time to explain what value I can bring to their lives. I must guard against trying to sell, it is not yet time


Month after month, the mistrust of my audience diminishes, as they’re now familiar with my story and my values. All I have to do is create simple conversion mechanisms.

How do I create a conversion machine with video?
7 steps


First and foremost, how do I build an audience for my videos?

Videos are made to be watched. Video marketing is made to achieve a goal. However, it is difficult to achieve a goal without first collecting data. To collect data, I need an audience.

The audience must be tested. In other words, to find out what my audience likes, I will have to proceed by trial and error.

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Once I have collected enough data, I can define my video marketing strategy more precisely. In short, I will act knowledgeably and not randomly.

At the beginning, I might have unclear ideas about the kind of video I could produce. Fortunately, by clicking below, I can take a look at what a professional video plan sounds like.

let's do it
let's do it