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A video marketing strategy turns cost into investment

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There is no point in producing a video without a proper preparation. In particular, if 80% of web traffic is video, who will notice yours?
Indeed, this is what a video marketing strategy is for.

How do I build a video marketing strategy?
7 steps

In brief, a marketing strategy is a set of rules, practices, and indicators that orient action towards a smart objective.
These 7 steps are common to any marketing strategy.
However, not all marketing strategies are created equal.

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Due to its recent invention and creative nature, examples of mobile video marketing strategy are increasing day by day.

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What’s the best approach to video marketing strategy?
First, I need to take a direction: outbound or inbound?
Second, will I base my strategy on content?
Finally, shall I build my content strategy around the use of a smartphone?

At Smart Videos, we see ourselves as pioneers in the development of this innovative marketing tactic.
It all starts with the idea that video has become a form of mass communication and that the best camera is the one people have in their pocket.