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Content planning and production: be the king of your own content

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A strong online presence stems from a continuous and well organised production of content.

Objectives, targets, formats of your content strategy

First of all, credible content planning starts with identifying one’s own business objectives, the pole star of any marketing action.
Second, I must make clear to myself who my message is directed at.
Finally, I have to ask myself what format comes most naturally to me and my team: text, photo, video, or what?
With these preliminary answers, I can start drafting a content calendar.

What is a content calendar?

A content calendar is the rigorous organisation of your future shared content, divided by objectives, channels, themes and calls to action.
I must be careful though, it’s a guide, not a cage.

What should your content talk about?

Many companies believe that their core business should inform all their communications.
On the contrary, their expertise is only useful if it can provide value, in the form of media content, to their followers.

What are the best channels for your content planning and production?

With the advent of social networks, many companies, especially in B2B, have succumbed to the illusion of free advertising. Yet, in digital marketing, the secret is the ability to stand out.
The best way to do this is to diversify channels, test solutions and learn from my failures.

Why we recommend this solution

Media training on content planning and execution aims to open up this range of opportunities, so that my team can organically build a conversation with the right audience.

Why you may think twice

There are no magic recipes for immediate results.
The ideal media training helps participants to ask themselves the right questions. In other words, the right answers are the result of work, discussion and dedication.
Shortcuts are not allowed.

Why do training in content planning & production with us


It is right to rely on experts. But in the long run, a quality online presence is not sustainable if I’m not able to produce content internally.

Keep your budget friendly

Whoever learns to manage 80 per cent of their content production frees up resources to invest in 20 per cent of higher quality.

Invest in digital skills

Digital self-learning requires more attention to methods and processes, rather than tools and notions.

Write your own story

Media training allows companies and organisations to take ownership of their story and thus make it more credible.