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Content training: in Brussels or simply online

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If I want to do content training, in Brussels on remotely, what are my best options?
First of all, I can find a lot of educational material on this very site. Secondly, I can book a free coaching session.

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Nico, communication officer

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The best possible media training is regular, consistent, inspiring training. With us, most of it comes for free.


How can I make the most of my training in content planning and execution?

Media training in content planning and execution is not necessarily creation-oriented. There’s training in video production with a smartphone for that.
This is more about finding, organising and sharing content that others may have created: for example an industry article that a partner company wrote.

Must be remembered, building and sticking to a content calendar is a creative job in itself, just with a lot more rules!

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To achieve my communication goals, I have to learn about mobile video marketing.
I can do that at the Smart Video Marketing Academy.
Or I can get in touch and receive a tailored offer.