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Who will be the 46th President of the United States? A special live show on the 2020 US elections with special guests, live polls, game shows and a little preview of the future of television.

Origins of this live electoral show

We believe in America. America has made us what we are, a bunch of star system and web television fanatics.
We liked the idea of celebrating a great country and, at the same time, experimenting with new forms of live shows.

What we love about this side project

The show allowed us to get in touch with the American community in Brussels. But also with many people who are passionate about politics and the American elections.

What could have been better

Facebook’s live programming system screwed us over and forced us to start the show in the darkness. We didn’t know if the streaming had actually started and if our eager viewers had access to it.


How we made this political live show and what we have learnt

Our show on the 2020 US election was live on Facebook, with a live report on Instagram. Lasting more than 4 hours, it allowed us to take our idea of participatory television to the extreme.
Very intense, but also very rewarding.

1. Testing is never enough

Problems with Facebook scheduling, but also with a new feature from Ecamm, our multicamera streaming service, frustrated many of our initial efforts.
Despite numerous trials, the potential of the format is still to be exploited.

3. Political talk shows can be bold

It is right that a political show about the American elections should be open and warm.
It is necessary, however, to wisely moderate the debate and, even more, the comments. Beyond spam, trolls and haters, online debate can stir the most peaceful of souls.

2. People cannot wait to express their views

Our main target audience was the American public in Europe. However, we soon realised that the European audience was even more eager to participate, to comment, to guess the outcome of the elections.
Perhaps people feel freer to comment on political events that do not affect them personally.


Do you like today’s politics? Then you’ll love video marketing.
It’s like mastering the subtle techniques of propaganda.
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