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Can live streaming shows on Facebook be the future of television?

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How to create a Facebook live streaming worth watching? With the right advice anyone can build the perfect audience for their marketing initiatives.

Is mobile live streaming the future of show business?


Smart Videos organises live streaming shows on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms because nothing gives more adrenaline than interaction with my audience. But how to stimulate participation and for what purpose?

Your adrenaline live

Building a show, its guests and content is in itself an innovative and exciting marketing strategy.
This energy flows from the crew to the audience and back again.

Interaction is key

Whatever the content, the audience must actively contribute to it.
Questions, polls, quizzes, contests, interviews – people are eager to make their voices heard.


The good thing about live streaming is its time definition: once the live show is over, what’s done is done.
Hence, I’ll make sure I have used all the energy at my disposal.

Single or multi-camera Facebook live streaming?

There is a first and essential distinction that needs to be understood with regard to live streaming on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks.
This is the distinction between single-camera and multi-camera live streaming. Single-camera live is what we produce using a smartphone: simple, straightforward, direct and undemanding.

From 2020 we will also provide multi-camera streaming services, thanks to the Ecamm software.
This solution allows us to contaminate the streaming with graphics, pre-recorded videos, guests connected via Skype.

Why we recommend this solution

A live show is first and foremost a container.
This makes it possible to gather and concentrate a large number of creative ideas with a limited amount of effort.

Why you should think twice

Going live means depriving yourself of the possibility of filtering the final result. We consider this loss of control to be healthy for a company’s communication.
But we know that this prospect can be scary.

Why calls, polls, quizzes make my live streaming vibrate on Facebook

We can build the television of the future with the tools and functionalities provided by social networks.
After all, independent audiovisual production has always been the driving force behind the evolution of mainstream linguistic codes.

Most importantly, our viewers can call in live, participate in prize games, express their opinion and build the programme with us. This makes them protagonists and therefore more involved.

Facebook live streaming tip 1 – how to enlarge your audience

The size of the audience of my live show depends on the size of the audience of the page I am streaming from.
I will make sure that as many people as possible are willing and available to share my show as soon as it starts.

Facebook live streaming tip 2 – how to schedule my show

Facebook allows me to schedule your live streaming in advance. This setting automatically creates a preview post, which you can share before the show. By clicking on it, my audience will receive a notification at the time of the broadcast.


Facebook live streaming is one of several alternatives I can choose from: in order to achieve my communication goals, I need to start making one smart video per month.


How can I make the most of my Facebook live streaming shows?

We have some experience with live streaming on Facebook. In light of this experience, we are convinced that our journey to discover the future of television is only just beginning.

We have learned a few tricks that we are happy to share with others who are passionate about this form of audiovisual interaction.

Paolo, consultant


“Love their live streaming shows!!”

Eager to launch into

To achieve my communication goals, I have to make videos regularly.
I can sign up for a monthly plan and receive one live streaming per month.
Or I can look for inspiration on this site and do it myself.